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My 3 Favorite Ways to Spend a Snow Day

Well, it was bound to happen eventually – we had our first snowfall of the season yesterday! I’m never exactly excited at the sight of snow, but I have to admit that it’s pretty and adds to the holiday ambiance. The best part about snow? An excuse to stay in and be cozy all day long! While my 3 favorite ways to spend a snow day are far from exciting or original, they give me a chance to relax and reboot.

My 3 Favorite Ways to Spend a Snow Day - Baby It's Cold Outside sweatshirt

You can bet that a snow day around here is an automatic sweats and pajamas kind of day. If I’m not going anywhere (even outside), why bother wasting a nice outfit?! That doesn’t mean that I don’t strut around in my cutest pajamas, though. The Baby It’s Cold Outside sweatshirt from Betsy Boo’s Boutique (c/o) is ridiculously perfect for this time of year. It’s lightweight but still cozy enough to keep me warm around the house. Plus, I easily can swap out my plaid pajama pants for a pair of jeans if I need to go outside with Finn or run a few errands.

Also, just like I won’t waste an outfit on a snow day, I also don’t bother with makeup and hair! A little under eye and spot concealing is all the effort I put in for days like this. I’m surprised that I even kept my hair down this day – a messy bun is my ‘do of choice these days.

My 3 Favorite Ways to Spend a Snow Day

Baby It’s Cold Outside sweatshirt, c/o Betsy Boo’s Boutique

Besides puppy snuggles, hot drinks are plentiful and constant throughout a snow day. I’m pretty much always cold, so a hot drink is my solution to warm up! I usually start the day with coffee or cappuccino, and it just goes from there. Hot apple cider, more coffee, hot chocolate, even more coffee … My favorite Gilmore Girls mug that I bought several years ago at Warner Bros. Studio pretty much sums up my relationship with coffee and all hot drinks.

Gilmore Girls mug and plaid holiday pajama pants

And, of course, no cozy snow day-in would be complete without some reading material. Thanks to my month-long binge of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (thanks, Kristen for getting me hooked!), I admittedly have been off my reading game. But, I finally picked up my Kindle the other night and I’m catching up on a couple months’ worth of magazines. How pretty are all the holiday-themed covers? When I’m finished reading, I love to put my favorite magazines on display on the coffee table. Instant Christmas decor!

girl reading Martha Stewart Living December 2016

Like I mentioned earlier, snow and winter are far down on the list of two of my favorite things. But, if more snow days means that I can indulge in my 3 favorite ways to spend a snow day, then bring ’em on!

What are your favorite ways to spend a snow day?