My 3 Favorite Ways to Spend a Snow Day

Well, it was bound to happen eventually – we had our first snowfall of the season yesterday! I’m never exactly excited at the sight of snow, but I have to admit that it’s pretty and adds to the holiday ambiance. The best part about snow? An excuse to stay in and be cozy all day long! While my 3 favorite ways to spend a snow day are far from exciting or original, they give me a chance to relax and reboot.

My 3 Favorite Ways to Spend a Snow Day - Baby It's Cold Outside sweatshirt

You can bet that a snow day around here is an automatic sweats and pajamas kind of day. If I’m not going anywhere (even outside), why bother wasting a nice outfit?! That doesn’t mean that I don’t strut around in my cutest pajamas, though. The Baby It’s Cold Outside sweatshirt from Betsy Boo’s Boutique (c/o) is ridiculously perfect for this time of year. It’s lightweight but still cozy enough to keep me warm around the house. Plus, I easily can swap out my plaid pajama pants for a pair of jeans if I need to go outside with Finn or run a few errands.

Also, just like I won’t waste an outfit on a snow day, I also don’t bother with makeup and hair! A little under eye and spot concealing is all the effort I put in for days like this. I’m surprised that I even kept my hair down this day – a messy bun is my ‘do of choice these days.

My 3 Favorite Ways to Spend a Snow Day

Baby It’s Cold Outside sweatshirt, c/o Betsy Boo’s Boutique

Besides puppy snuggles, hot drinks are plentiful and constant throughout a snow day. I’m pretty much always cold, so a hot drink is my solution to warm up! I usually start the day with coffee or cappuccino, and it just goes from there. Hot apple cider, more coffee, hot chocolate, even more coffee … My favorite Gilmore Girls mug that I bought several years ago at Warner Bros. Studio pretty much sums up my relationship with coffee and all hot drinks.

Gilmore Girls mug and plaid holiday pajama pants

And, of course, no cozy snow day-in would be complete without some reading material. Thanks to my month-long binge of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (thanks, Kristen for getting me hooked!), I admittedly have been off my reading game. But, I finally picked up my Kindle the other night and I’m catching up on a couple months’ worth of magazines. How pretty are all the holiday-themed covers? When I’m finished reading, I love to put my favorite magazines on display on the coffee table. Instant Christmas decor!

girl reading Martha Stewart Living December 2016

Like I mentioned earlier, snow and winter are far down on the list of two of my favorite things. But, if more snow days means that I can indulge in my 3 favorite ways to spend a snow day, then bring ’em on!

What are your favorite ways to spend a snow day?


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  1. 12.7.16
    Jenn said:

    My perfect snow day involved coffee on the couch watching the Today show, with Cooper curled up nearby, and reading (and DVR) haha

  2. 12.6.16
    Ashley said:

    Oh my gosh, that mug!! LOVE! Super jealous of your snow!

    • 12.7.16

      Right?! I snagged it many years ago when we visited the Warner Bros. Studio lot right after they wrapped the final season.

  3. 12.6.16


    Yes. Books are good too!
    I love that Finn and Chelsea cross their feet the same. Even our pets want us to be best friends 😉 don’t ask me how I got that from how they sit, just go with it.

    I get one snow day a year.. well, it’s not guaranteed, but if it snows really bad, our office closes and we all get to stay home.. and it’s happened exactly once a year since i started. KC gets loads of snow days and I make him drive me to work (because it’s hard for me to drive and cry at the same time, i don’t like being in the car when it has snowed but you know.. kentucky.. not much i can do about that). if i do get my one snow day, i seriously stay in pjs all day and i continue to look outside to make sure it didn’t magically melt and i have to go to work. haha!

    • 12.7.16

      Hahaha. I’m seriously going through withdrawals over here! But, I’m trying to reestablish my relationship with books. 🙂
      Girl, I’m the same way with driving in the snow. I HATE it. Ryan used to drive me to work all the time back when we lived in Iowa, and he still was in school full time.

  4. 12.6.16

    Yay for snow days! I’m with you- getting cozy is the name of the game. (PS I love Finn’s super cute little crossed feet! My Scout does this, too- it cracks me up.)

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • 12.7.16

      Don’t you just love those little habits that dog have? I always say Finn is so proper when he has his legs crossed like that, lol!

  5. 12.6.16
    Christina Sotherden said:

    You and Finn are the cutest! Puppy snuggles are the best for a snow day – we always love taking Stella out to see her run around in it!

  6. 12.6.16

    This looks so cozy! I love your sweatshirt! We had our first snowy weekend here and you better believe we were in PJs the whole time! 🙂

    • 12.7.16

      I heard the Chicago area got SO much snow. My parents couldn’t believe that they had more snow than where I live for once.

  7. 12.5.16

    we got our first snowfall too, it was magical!!

  8. 12.5.16

    Love the sweatshirt, pants, and LOVE the mug! How you look is how cute I wish I looked wearing my holiday pjs! Love this post:)

    • 12.7.16

      Oh, please! Pretty sure you have me beat in that category. 🙂 I always feel funny posting a no-makeup photo on here, but hey – gotta keep it real!

  9. 12.5.16

    Love your top! I’m praying for a snow day soon. We haven’t even had snow yet in Ohio!

  10. 12.5.16

    We rarely get snow days in Texas, if we get any wintery weather it’s more of an ice day, but your snow day sounds like how I wanted to spend the rainy and cold weekend that was last weekend! Curled up with my pup in some comfy clothes with a good book! I love that Gilmore Girls mug by the way! So cute!

    • 12.7.16

      I bet snow days are far and few between where you live! Rainy days are a good excuse to do the same thing, though. 🙂 The mug is from our visit to Warner Bros. Studio all those years ago!

  11. 12.5.16

    We just had our first snow here in Massachusetts this morning, but then it rained *womp womp*. I love cozying up on snow days and watching a good movie!

    Rachel /

  12. 12.5.16
    Jessica said:

    Those crossed paws! That top 🙂 You look like you have the perfect snow day!! I love curling up with some hot cocoa 🙂
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  13. 12.5.16
    katie arnold said:

    Oh my word……Finley’s bow tie and crossed paws, I just can’t! Love your pj’s and coffee mug too!

  14. 12.5.16

    That sweatshirt is so cute, but I can’t get over Finn’s cute bow!

    • 12.7.16

      That’s his Christmas collar! He gets so excited every year when I bring it out. He literally prances around with his head held high because he wants to show off the bow tie. 🙂

  15. 12.5.16
    Pamela said:

    So jealous of your snow day in! I would love an excuse to hang out in pj’s all day and relax! Love that cute sweatshirt! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  16. 12.5.16

    That sweatshirt is darling! Perfect for a relaxing snow day with the pup <3

    Green Fashionista

  17. 12.5.16
    Debra Stachelski said:

    The perfect way to spend a snow day for sure! You have the perfect snuggle buddy – Finn!!

  18. 12.5.16
    Biana Perez said:

    I could do with a snow day to just relax and stay inside!! You look so cozy as does the pup!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  19. 12.5.16

    Can’t believe you already had your first snow! These are the perfect activities! Loving your cute PJs and how fun that you have a Gilmore girls mug!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • 12.7.16

      I can’t believe it either! Sadly, it’s already melted but I think more is on the way. That mug is one of my very favorite items – I bought it when we visited the Warner Bros. Studio lot right after they wrapped the final season.