3 Ways to Include Your Dog in Holiday Celebrations

Merry almost-Christmas, everybody! It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly here. I’ve seen my fair share of holiday gift guides this season, but I noticed one theme that was severely lacking – dogs! Now, I know that my love for Finley is borderline crazy status, but he is such an important part of our family that I want him to feel extra loved this holiday! So, to kick off Christmas weekend, I’m sharing 3 ways to include your dog in holiday celebrations.

3 Ways to Include Your Dog in Holiday Celebrations

Dress your dog in festive wear.

What’s better than a cute doggy jacket or sweater? Nothing!

Red fair aisle dog sweater

Up until this season, I stuck to festive collars for Finn. However, thanks to Boohoo, he now also is the proud owner of a red fair isle sweater. Not only does it look adorable on him, it also has been helpful with the cold weather. I’m not as worried as letting him stay outside for longer periods of time since the sweater helps keep his little body warm.

Oh, and my sweater? I just couldn’t resist having an Elf quote forever immortalized on a piece of clothing. The sweater actually is pretty soft and very warm, so it makes for a fun and whimsy addition to the holidays.

Elf quote Christmas sweater

Sweaters c/o Boohoo

Buy and fill a special dog stocking.

Finn has had a stocking ever since he joined our family. (Ours are from Pottery Barn) It’s a small reminder that pets really do become a member of your family.

Pottery barn stockings

Looking back on it, I actually think I should’ve opted for a full-size one for Finn since I fill his stocking to the brim! I’m the first to admit that since I don’t yet have any children, I overcompensate in this department and treat Finn like a human. I mean, it’s pretty easy to go overboard with dog toys and treats these days. There are so many fun options! Only downside is I have to wait until Christmas Eve to put anything in Finn’s stocking. Otherwise, he sits in front of the fireplace and barks! Ha!

Just a dog and his Christmas stocking

Bake pet-appropriate holiday treats.

Because Finn has such a small and sensitive tummy, a lot of store-bought treats don’t agree with him. Since I want to be able to treat him to a special holiday treat or cookie this time of year, I’m opting to make my own! I haven’t yet gotten to this point in my baking, but I hope to make either these candy cane cookies or peanut butter pumpkin treats. Finn actually receives a tablespoon of organic pumpkin in his food everyday, so I bet those peanut butter pumpkin cookies would be a hit!

As a bonus tip, don’t forget to include your dog in your holiday photos! Like I mentioned before, your pets are just as much a part of your family as anybody. And, if your dog is anything like mine, then they will love to pose for the camera. This year’s Christmas card is my favorite yet since we opted to have a professional help out with photos. This card captures a special time in our life – just the three of us! – and I know that I will cherish it forever.

2016 Christmas card with dog

See how easy it is to include your dog in your holiday celebrations? Dogs bring so much joy to our lives all the time that it’s only appropriate that we give them some extra special attention throughout the holiday season.

On that note, I’m signing off for the weekend. I wish you all the merriest of holidays!
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Thanks to Boohoo for collaborating on this post. As always, all opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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  1. 12.30.16
    mdb0112 said:

    What a SWEET post! My love of my two boys is borderline insane as well! We love spending the holidays with them! They have little bow ties they wear for our Christmas party. xx, I’m Fixin’ To

  2. 12.28.16

    i love this – both of your sweaters are awesome. i totally wish my cats would let me dress them up. one day i will get a family photo with all 3 cats. one day lol

  3. 12.28.16

    Both the sweaters are so cute! Finn looks handsome:) And that picture of you looking down at him- that’s adorable! I think my parents now have 10 stockings on their mantle- one for all of us, and each of our pets:).

  4. 12.27.16

    Nothing is better than having your pup dressed up, but even more so for the holidays! And I think that if we didn’t include Dart in our Christmas cards people would be asking us what happened, so he goes on every year! And I love that Finn has a stocking that matches y’alls! So cute!

  5. 12.24.16
    EdyeNicolesMakeup said:

    What an adorable post with adorable ideas! I recently got a new doggy and we have her a stocking and bunches of sweater. I need to find some dog friendly recipes and bake her up some treats 🙂

    Edye | Gracefulcoffee.com

  6. 12.23.16

    How adorable is this?! Baking doggy friendly treats is a fantastic idea, and how cute is Finley’s stocking? Merry Christmas gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  7. 12.23.16

    Oh my gosh I love Finley! So cute in his sweater. He poses so well too. Love this!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. 12.23.16
    Jamie said:

    This is the cutest thing! I am a crazy dog mom as well, and love all of these ideas! This year I finally got my puppy a stocking and I’m so excited to fill it up!

    I will need to make treats next year!

    xx, Jamie

  9. 12.23.16

    Finn looks SO cute in his sweater!! Hehe. Love that red lip on you too, you look beautiful. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas too. xo

  10. 12.23.16
    Debra Stachelski said:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, pets are an important part of our family and Finn is sure an important part of ours! He looks adorable (as well as you!) in these photos! He has a lot of treats waiting for him at Nana’s!!

  11. 12.23.16
    Biana Perez said:

    If I had a pup I would most certainly do all of these things!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas girl! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston