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7 Ideas to Get In the Holiday Spirit

Even though tomorrow only is Dec. 1, I already feel the hustle and bustle of the holiday season weighing me down. House decorations aren’t quite finished, shopping is nowhere near complete, and I haven’t even yet thought about busting out my apron to bake some cookies. While this definitely is my favorite time of year, I think we all can agree that it’s hectic and easily can slip by in the blink of an eye. As I’m more determined than ever to not let that happen (and hey, maybe even enjoy the festivities!), I came up with 7 ideas to get in the holiday spirit.

7 Ideas to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Cute mugs and cozy slippers go hand-in-hand this time of year! | Photo via Hello Fashion Blog

1. Schedule a shopping day. While many of us rely on the Internet for holiday shopping, it’s sometimes fun to still get out of the house and go to an actual store or mall. The decorations and a glimpse of Santa always make it feel more like the holidays are actually here. So, call your mom or best girlfriend – or heck, drag your husband or boyfriend along if they’re good sports – to play hookie and have a fun day of holiday shopping.

2. Have a tree decorating date night. If you’re anything like us, decorating the Christmas tree is a big deal. So, make a date night of it! I always make a pot of chili, and we have Elf on in the background while we hang our ornaments. It’s one of my favorite traditions, and we always seem to make new memories every year.

3. Take a drive to see the lights. There’s nothing better than Christmas lights, am I right? Driving around town to take in all the lights always is an instant mood-lifter. A hot chocolate from Starbucks sweetens the deal, and you even can wear sweatpants.

4. Go ice skating (or partake in some outdoor winter sporting activity). Ryan and I love to skate every winter! He grew up playing hockey, so he’s gotten me on the ice practically every year since we started dating. Outdoor rinks are our favorite, but an indoor rink will do the trick.

5. Host a cookie or gingerbread house decorating party. Not only will you make a dent in your holiday baking, you’ll get to have fun doing it with a group of people that you enjoy! Plus, who’s going to say no to Christmas cookies and treats? Not me, obviously.

6. Attend a local holiday production or event. There always seems to be something happening this time of year – whether it be a local tree lighting, performance of The Nutcracker, and so on. For us, it’s our visit to Nutcracker in the Castle.

7. Watch a different Christmas movie every night. Between Netflix, Hallmark and Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas, this is probably the easiest idea on this whole list! You can turn a movie or show on while you’re baking, addressing cards or wrapping.

I probably could’ve created a mile-long list, but these 7 ideas to get in the holiday spirit are the first ones that came to mind and what I most look forward to every year. I hope this sparks some creativity for your own holiday to-do list!

How do you get into the holiday spirit? What’s on your to-do list?