Modern Farmhouse Sitting Room Design

Does anybody else seem to change their mind about home design and decor, even when you think you have it all figured out? That’s exactly how I feel with our front sitting room. Back in May, I wrote and shared a whole post about my design inspiration for the space. Well, low and behold several months later, my tune has completely changed. So, I’m sharing my updated modern farmhouse sitting room design – and, you can hold me accountable to this one!

Modern Farmhouse Sitting Room Design

loveseat | tufted chair (comes in 3 colors – we bought Sand) | rug (here’s a similar option from the Threshold brand) | coffee table | lamp | bamboo shades

As I mentioned in this post, my biggest concern with these types of rooms is the sense of formality. We are not very formal people, and I want people to feel welcome and comfortable in our home. This is why I originally thought a layout of all chairs would be better and a little less traditional. However, since this room also connects to our dining room, I got to thinking that a grouping of chairs might seem like too much with the dining table and chairs only a few feet away. So, we went back to brainstorming and settled back on a traditional layout of a loveseat with two accent chairs. I should know better by now that sticking with a classic design is better in the long run!

We already have purchased two of this tufted chair, and we will head to IKEA in a couple weeks to pick up the loveseat. I looked long and hard at furniture before making a decision, and I think both these pieces complement one another. They also stick to my modern farmhouse aesthetic. I’m slightly nervous about the white slip-covered loveseat, but all the reviews claim that it’s easy peasy to wash the cover. So, we’re going for it!

We found this rug over the weekend – it was exactly what I wanted at more than half the cost of ones that I saw online. Target for the win, as always. Now, I’m on the hunt for a coffee table and matching side table. The one I included here is what I love, but unfortunately it is too long for our space. I do want to stick with the natural wood look, though. Any suggestions?

In addition to getting this room furnished and decorated, we also are in the midst of renovating our downstairs half bathroom! I wasn’t kidding when I said that we don’t sit still for long around here. We don’t have much more to do in there, so be on the lookout for new room reveals in the coming weeks!

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  1. 10.14.16

    my goodness, you really don’t sit still for long haha. KC and I’ve been doing a few random home projects the last couple of weeks and i’m exhausted and don’t want to look at anything home decor related for like 3 years. ok, jk. but seriously, it’s really hard haha. it doesn’t help that i’m just not a good decorator, and i hate spending money on things i can’t ‘use’, you know? like do i need that rug, or can i put the $$ towards clothes/travel? haha.

    • 10.14.16

      Haha, I totally get what you’re saying! Ryan is so antsy and hates to sit still, so he kind of just grabs me to be along for the ride, lol. Home decorating is exhausting and expensive, though – I’m a little over it, too!

  2. 10.13.16

    I’m just thinking of how easy this room design would be to tweak for the seasons throughout the year. Love that rug so much! I also have the problem of getting a room complete and then wanting to change it soon after!

    • 10.14.16

      Yes! That’s why I love sticking with neutral colors for big things because then I can change things up with little accents – pillows, etc. – for the seasons/holidays.

  3. 10.13.16

    Sooo pretty + light and perfect, lady! Can’t wait to see how you interpret this!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. 10.12.16
    Darcy from A Memory of Us said:

    I loooove those chairs!

  5. 10.12.16

    I love your new inspiration for your sitting room! I hate the feeling of something being too formal, and also can’t get enough of all the tufted chairs and couches! We don’t need anything new right now, but that’s definitely what I’m getting when we need to replace our living room furniture!

  6. 10.12.16
    Pamela said:

    Seriously. Can you come decorate my house? I am obsessed with all of this! That rug is GORGEOUS and that table is so perfect. I’d be so nervous to have a white loveseat though… I’m not going to lie, I’m a klutz so I guarantee you I’d spill something on it! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    • 10.14.16

      You are so sweet! I couldn’t believe that I found that rug at Target, but I guess that store shouldn’t surprise me anymore! I’m still having hesitations about the white slipcover, too, so we will see if I go with that or the beige option!

  7. 10.12.16
    Lauren Scorzafava said:

    Loving this!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  8. 10.12.16

    When I have a house to decorate I will definitely be coming back to your posts. I love your style 🙂

  9. 10.12.16

    Love it! Those chairs are so pretty and I love the rug as well!

  10. 10.12.16

    I am always changing my mind! I love your tufted chair. It sounds like it is all coming together so well.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • 10.14.16

      I’m glad I’m not the only one! And, thank you – I’m excited that this room finally is coming together since I was stumped about for so long.

  11. 10.12.16

    Love all of these pieces! We’re having to do a forced-renovation after our house had a pipe burst and I have no clue what direction I want to go with decor!

    Southern Style

    • 10.14.16

      You poor thing – I felt so bad about your home incident! You have great style, though so I’m sure whatever you do will be great!

  12. 10.12.16

    I love this rug! I’m moving November and on the hunt for one, thanks for the inspo!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  13. 10.12.16

    Love your design for this room! It is tough to decorate around those ‘sitting’ type rooms to make it feel more comfortable instead of formal. I love those tuft chairs! I’m all about the modern farmhouse look!

    • 10.14.16

      I agree! That was my biggest struggle, but I think I finally found the right balance of both. I can’t wait for the chairs to arrive!

  14. 10.12.16

    I just ordered that lamp for our living room – love it! And the slip cover is a good idea. We bought almost white couches last year and I am already regretting it SO MUCH with a baby!

    • 10.14.16

      We have that lamp in our family room, and I absolutely love it, too! I’d have no problem adding it to this room, too. I’m still nervous about the white slipcover, but I figure I can just wash it when it gets dirty. I thought you had white couches?!

      • 10.14.16

        They are like an off white… almost wish they were totally white so I could bleach them to death lol!

  15. 10.12.16

    I change my mind all the time too, and I’m the worst about wanting to change out paint colors after finishing a room. Loving all this inspiration, and I need those tufted chairs. Can’t wait to see the finished room <3
    Green Fashionista

  16. 10.12.16
    Debra Stachelski said:

    I love everything you’ve picked out here, your sitting room is going to look lovely!

  17. 10.12.16
    Jenn said:

    This is so up my alley I can’t even begin to tell you. I love all of this. The farmhouse look (a la Joanna Gaines) makes my heart happy 🙂

  18. 10.12.16
    Biana Perez said:

    I seriously feel like once I come up with an idea i can’t look at pictures anymore because I’ll change my mind! We don’t have any end tables, but we need one!! Our coffee table also offers some storage, so we needed that LOL! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • 10.14.16

      Yes, you have one of those pop-up coffee tables right?! I love those for the extra storage. And, I’m with you – I should just quit looking at photos so I don’t change my mind!

  19. 10.12.16
    Ashley said:

    Stalk Joss and Main and/or Overstock for the coffee table. They have tons of options! It would be cute to have end tables that don’t match exactly, but are similar in design!

    • 10.14.16

      Thank you for the Joss & Main recommendation because I found a coffee table on there last night and ordered it! It’s exactly what I was looking for. And, I agree about the end table – I think I’m going to look for a round one so it’s not the same shape but maybe in a close-enough color family.