Fall Family Photos

Happy Monday! I hope that everybody had a great weekend. It was unseasonably warm and sunny around here, so that was a major boost in my overall mood and productivity level. There’s just something about the sunshine and fresh air that sharpens my focus and renews my soul. Plus, I downloaded Lady Gaga’s new album so that was on repeat all. weekend. long. Anyways! We finally got our fall family photos back, and I am so excited to share a few of my favorites!

When we first decided to have new photos taken this year, I knew that I wanted to find a photographer that understood how to play off natural light for that dreamy, ethereal effect. I also wanted a touch of vintage, rustic flair since that fits in with our farmhouse home decor. Well, Laura from Daisy Fields Photography did not disappoint! Our photos came back exactly how I envisioned, and Laura was a breeze to work with. She made us feel incredibly comfortable, which led to some candid shots that I will forever cherish.

Fall Family Photos couple with dogfall family photos couple with dog on vintage quilt

Finley loved his new bow tie collar! Ryan and I figured that since we got new clothes for the occasion that Finn deserved something special, too! Doesn’t he crack you up with his posture and side smile? Don’t be fooled, though. We brought a whole bag of treats that Laura’s assistant was consistently bribing him with.

As much as I love this photo, it cracks me up because Finn was tugging like crazy on his leash. It looks like he’s trying to run away from us, ha!

fall family photos couple walking dog in woods

It doesn’t get more vintage than this mustard-color chair that Laura brought along as a prop. The chair and the rickety bridge in the woods definitely lent itself to the overall rustic vibe.

fall family photos vintage chair girl sitting with dogfall family photos vintage chair on rustic bridge

Much to Finn’s dismay, Ryan and I wanted to get a few pictures just the two of us, too. We are horrible about asking others to take our picture when we are out or away on vacation, so this was our chance for some decent photos. Ryan had me laughing the entire time, which sums up our marriage and relationship pretty well.

fall family photos couple in woodsMidwest fall couples photoMidwest rustic fall photos couple sitting on tree branch

It was so hard to narrow down my favorite fall family photos, but these really take the cake. Now, it’s time to update all the frames around the house! If you live in the greater Milwaukee area or in northern Wisconsin, we highly recommend Laura at Daisy Fields Photography.

How often do you update your family photos?


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  1. 11.23.16
    Nadia said:

    These photos!!! I love how natural they all look – your photographer did such a good job, and the whole fam looks amazing! The chair is such a great touch. We’re supposed to get our wedding photos back this week and I can hardly wait!

  2. 11.1.16
    Adele Miner said:

    These pictures are just the sweetest, great post! Your blog is really lovely, I am so glad I have found it, keep up the wonderful work pretty lady! x


  3. 11.1.16

    Aww, loving these family shots, lady! The shoot turned out amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. 10.31.16

    I LOVE these photos!! They are amazing and I cannot get over how beautiful you look. You can also see how happy and in love you and Ryan are too. So sweet. 🙂 I hope that you had a great weekend too!

  5. 10.31.16

    There are lovely, Karly! Your outfits pair perfectly with the rustic, fall vibe. You both just look so happy:)! And oh how precious Finn is, he looks so serious!:)

    • 11.3.16

      Thank you! No joke – it took me quite a few weeks to finally get our outfits figured out. I wanted to look nice but still like us, you know? And, I know – Finn’s facial expressions crack me up in some of these.

  6. 10.31.16

    I’ve been dying to have family photos made and yours just added fuel to the fire! They turned out so great! Our dog would be going nuts! I don’t think he’d be as well behaved! But I would love to have pictures that aren’t just iPhone selfies!

    • 11.3.16

      I hear you! We haven’t had professional photos taken since our wedding, so I thought the three-year mark was the perfect time. And, we had lots and lots of dog treats!

  7. 10.31.16
    A said:

    These photos are beautiful! I love that you included your dog, his expressions are so great. They really make the photos!

  8. 10.31.16

    These are GORGEOUS!!! You guys look amazing and that yellow chair, fabulous!

  9. 10.31.16
    Jenn said:

    Girl, these are stunningly beautiful! What an awesome keepsake to have to look back on, and seriously they are just gorgeous!!!

    • 11.3.16

      Thank you so much, girl! It’s nice to have this time in our lives captured, definitely something I’ll cherish.

  10. 10.31.16
  11. 10.31.16

    you guys are so freaking cute ICANTHANDLEIT.
    are you and Ryan roughly the same height? KC and I are, so i feel like sometimes it makes photos a bit harder, you know? maybe it’s just me, or maybe you know what i mean. i wish SO bad i could get someone to take our photos with our cats. they would not be bribed with treats.

  12. 10.31.16
    Lauren Scorzafava said:

    These came out great! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  13. 10.31.16

    Love your photos!! How cute is Finley’s bow tie?! And that mustard colored chair is perfect. You all look great!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. 10.31.16

    We haven’t taken family photos in a while, but it’s something that I’ve been dying to do! I love the way that all of yours turned out, and Finn looks so dapper in his bow tie! I also love that she brought along props for y’all to use as well! The chair is perfect for your fall themed photo shoot!

    • 11.3.16

      I agree, I thought the chair was such a fun and neat touch! Really gives some of the photos that vibe that I was hoping for. How cute would Dart be in a bow tie? I think it’s a must for you. 🙂

  15. 10.31.16
    Christina Sotherden said:

    Gorgeous photos for such a sweet family! Finn is such a model – Stella is always looking all over the place when we try to take pictures haha!

    • 11.3.16

      Awe, thank you! Oh trust me – being in a nature preserve, Finn was on high alert and all over the place with the new smells. There was lots of treat bribing going on behind the camera to get him to look!

  16. 10.31.16

    What beautiful photos and a gorgeous little family!!

  17. 10.31.16
    Emily Dunham said:

    Your pictures turned out amazing!!! So many good ones!

  18. 10.31.16

    These turned out incredible! The location (& that chair!) couldn’t be more perfect, you guys really do take the best pictures!

    • 11.3.16

      Awe, thank you! That means so much. We’re not the most comfortable in front of the camera together – probably because just laugh and goof off the entire time – so I’m glad we got some nice ones.

  19. 10.31.16
    katie arnold said:

    Great pics! Finley cracks me up……he looks so serious and obedient, hahaha

  20. 10.31.16
    Debra Stachelski said:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures, love them all! Finley is something else!

  21. 10.31.16
    Pamela said:

    Seriously love how these pictures turned out! And love that Finley got to make an appearance! I’m always the worst at asking other people to take pictures too so most of mine end up as selfies! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    • 11.3.16

      We are the same way! I was laughing the other day because I realized that I didn’t get one picture of us together when we were away in Door County. Not the end of the world, but still!

  22. 10.31.16
    Ashley said:

    These pictures are beautiful! Brian and I are the worst at asking others to take our picture too. This is the perfect time to get some great ones of you two!

  23. 10.31.16
    Biana Perez said:

    These came out gorgeous girl!! I really love the last one of you both – such a loving photo! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  24. 10.31.16

    These photos look gorgeous Karly! Finley looks adorable! And I totally get what you mean about asking people to take pictures of yourself with significant others. My boyfriend Kevin and I mostly have selfies of each other! The pictures of you two are gorgeous and are perfect fall pictures.