A Long Weekend Getaway Guide to Door County, Wis.

Today, I’m excited to share a long weekend getaway guide to Door County, Wis.! When I was doing research for the trip, I had a hard time finding relevant and useful information. So, my hope is that our trip and my recommendations will help others who have a Door County getaway planned for the near future.

A Long Weekend Getaway Guide to Door County, Wis.

For a quick refresh, Ryan and I traveled to Door County, Wis., a couple weeks ago for our third wedding anniversary. We stayed for three nights and four days, which was more than enough time.

Where to Stay

Door County is nothing else if not old. While some of the resorts/hotels have been updated throughout the years, we still weren’t overly impressed with what we saw online. Plus, the “nicer” places were a tad more expensive than what we were hoping to spend per night on a room. So, we opted for our first Airbnb experience and LOVED it! If you also want to go the Airbnb route in Door County, my biggest advice is to do your due diligence and read all the reviews before requesting a stay. Our place was a private loft apartment in Bailey’s Harbor – a real five-star gem. Our hosts were incredibly nice and generous – they even gave us a tour of their own home, which is a newly-built farmhouse that envies Chip’s and Joanna’s.

For such a short trip, it was nice to have the feeling of home while we were away. The amenities and coziness of it all instantly put us at ease and to feel comfortable. We kind of felt like locals for a few days! Plus, the location couldn’t be beat. We only were a five to eight-minute drive to Egg Harbor and Fish Creek, which is where we spent a majority of our time.

Where to Eat

A Long Weekend Getaway Guide to Door County, Wis. - Door County Confectionary

Breakfast | Village Cafe – Egg Harbor
If our Airbnb hosts didn’t recommend this place, we probably never would’ve known about it. It’s kind of a hole in the wall place off the side of the road, but don’t let that deter you. The service is friendly and quick, and the breakfast was delicious. If they have the cherry pancakes on special, don’t pass them up!

Lunch/Dinner | Wild Tomato – Fish Creek or Sister Bay (we went to the Sister Bay location)
We actually wanted to go here for our anniversary dinner, but we ended up doing a trolley tour (more on that below) so we ended up here for lunch on our second day of the trip. This might possibly be some of the best pizza that I’ve ever had. And, that’s saying something because Ryan and I love ourselves some pizza. The atmosphere is fun and urban, and did I mention the bread basket appetizer yet? No? Okay, well I don’t care if you go here by yourself – ORDER THE BREAD BASKET APPETIZER. There is more bread in it than you’ll be able to eat, but we just took leftovers back to our loft and had a late-night snack.

Dinner | The Cookery – Fish Creek
If you’re looking for an upscale, but still casual atmosphere, this is your place. Opt to sit upstairs if you can – there’s a full bar/wine bar, and it’s a more intimate adult setting. There’s also an outdoor balcony, but it was a little too chilly for us to take advantage of al fresco dining. I scarfed down a delicious vegetarian pasta dish, and of course, a couple glasses of vino. Oh, and don’t skip dessert – we had some chocolate cake contraption with vanilla bean ice cream, and I hadn’t tasted such decadence in a long time. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Ice Cream | Not Yet Licked Frozen Custard – Fish Creek
This was the cutest family-friendly ice cream place! There’s a full-size play set for kids, and there’s tons of outdoor seating to sit and relax – heaters, included! We were practically the only people here the night that we went since it was close to closing time. It was nice to relax in an Adirondack chair in front of an outdoor heater and enjoy two scoops of chocolate custard.

What to Do and See

Door County Wine Trail
If you travel to Door County, you definitely cannot miss out on all the wineries! There are paid tours that take you around to most of the wineries, but we found it easier to just hop in the car and explore on our own. Most of the locations offer complimentary tastings, and you can taste anywhere from four to seven wines. Not too bad if you ask me. Our favorite wineries were Door 44 Winery – we recommend the Frozen Tundra White – and Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery. Do not leave Simon Creek without trying the Door County Cherry Wine – it is to die for!

A Long Weekend Getaway Guide to Door County, Wis. - Door 44 Winery

Door County Trolley Tours, Ghost Tour – Egg Harbor
We actually did this on our anniversary/last night in town, and we had a blast! It’s incredibly hokey and not scary at all, but who doesn’t love some good ‘ol fashion ghost stories? Especially this time of year, it’s the perfect way to get into the fall and Halloween spirit. I’m not sure if this always is the case, but we also got to tour an old “haunted” house in Fish Creek. I even caught a creepy ghost photo in one of the mirrors – no joke, there’s a skeleton staring right back at me! These tours are incredibly popular, so my biggest advice is to book early.

The Red Putter Mini Golf – Ephraim
If you love mini golf, this is the place for you! We randomly stumbled upon The Red Putter late our second night while driving around to find something to do. The course is ridiculously old and nostalgic, and it’s actually pretty difficult to play. We recommend going at night, like we did, when it’s relatively empty. We drove by the following morning, and it was packed!

Goats on the Roof at Al Johnson’s – Sister Bay
While this restaurant is known for breakfast, we didn’t actually get a chance to eat here (hello, a million people and a long wait). BUT, you at least cannot miss seeing the goats on the roof. I imagine it is especially fun for children and families.

Where to Shop

Chelsea Antiques & Blue Willow Shop – Sister Bay
There’s two shops at this location – Chelsea Antiques, which is in a big barn, has some neat antiques if that’s what you’re looking for. The Blue Willow Shop is just next door, and I fell in love with this store. So much in fact, I made Ryan take me back a second time! They have unique gifts and home decor items – think Fixer Upper – so I was able to pick up a few things for our own home. Oh, and if you have kids, the entire upstairs has the cutest selection of baby and children items.

A Long Weekend Getaway Guide to Door County, Wis. - Chelsea Antiques & Blue Willow Shop

The City Farmer – Ephraim
Another huge antique/home decor barn, this store was great for seasonal decor! Some of the prices were a bit out of our range, but I still enjoyed wandering around to see how decor was staged. There’s also quite a few antiques shops in this general area that we enjoyed walking through.

Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery – Fish Creek
This is one of the wineries on the above-mentioned wine trail, but I actually enjoyed the shopping. We picked up pumpkin doughnut holes and apple cider doughnuts. Let me tell you – they were the best apple cider doughnuts that we’ve ever had. There also were quite a few specialty food and wine items that we enjoyed browsing and tasting. The off-the-road country location adds to the overall charm!

So, there you go – a long weekend getaway guide to Door County, Wis. Keep in mind that Ryan and I had absolutely no agenda for this trip. We are still in debate if whether that worked to our advantage or not, but I do think that we saw and mostly did everything that we hoped. We would like to go back for a long weekend in the summer to experience a different side of Door County – hiking, biking, swimming, etc. You can’t, however, deny the beauty that this time of year brings to northern Wisconsin, and we recommend Door County to anybody looking for a quiet, romantic getaway!

Have you ever traveled to Door County? Where are your favorite long weekend getaway spots?

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  1. 10.24.16
    Emily Dunham said:

    This sounds like the perfect getaway! Love all the things you did – that ghost tour sounds really fun. And all those yummy places you ate! So glad you had a great time.

  2. 10.21.16

    Love this! I’ve only ever heard great things about Door County. So glad you two had a wonderful time!

  3. 10.20.16

    Such a great little getaway! Everything looks so cute and quaint- and Door County is the perfect place to relaxxxxx. 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. 10.20.16

    So glad you guys had an amazing trip! The place you stayed looked amazing and definitely makes me want to try airbnb in the future. The wine trail looks like it would be so much fun- what a great place to visit in the fall!

    • 10.20.16

      Definitely give it a try sometime! We were a bit nervous, but it turned out better than we could’ve expected. And, the wine trail was so much fun.

  5. 10.20.16

    more bread than you can eat? nonsense, that bread basket hasn’t met me! i would demolish the whole thing haha. good idea at staying at an airbnb instead of paying ridiculous prices just to stay somewhere somewhat ‘nice’. i hate when that is your only option – pay too much or stay somewhere crap. the blue willow shop sounds so cute!

    • 10.20.16

      I’ll admit – the only reason I didn’t eat more bread than I did was because we also had pizza coming, and Ryan was barely eating so … ha! 🙂 But, I sure as heck demolished the leftovers later that night. Blue Willow Shop is so precious – I loved it!

  6. 10.19.16

    This sounds like such a lovely place to travel to! Wineries, shopping, good food, and ghost tours? That really does sound like my perfect vacation. I’m a sucker for ghost tours in quaint towns!

  7. 10.19.16

    This looks like such a beautiful part of the country, and sometimes on an anniversary you don’t need an agenda, you just need to relax. I would totally be all over that wine tasting! And it’s awesome that they offer complimentary wine tastings at some of the places!

    • 10.20.16

      Yes! Most of the places were complimentary, and then you typically got a discount toward purchasing a full bottle of wine. Fine by us!

  8. 10.19.16
    Christina Sotherden said:

    This looks like the sweetest area and the perfect spot for a fall getaway! Glad you guys had a great time and glad the air&b worked out great!

    • 10.20.16

      It’s a perfect getaway – I love that it’s so close so that we can go back for a long weekend in the summer. And, bring Finn!

  9. 10.19.16

    This looks and sounds like the cutest place! I love weekends away. And that custard sounds so good.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. 10.19.16

    Looks like a fun weekend. Loving all the recommendations!

  11. 10.19.16
    Jenn said:

    Looks like you guys found all kinds of spots to venture out to while celebrating! Sounds like a great anniversary getaway!

  12. 10.19.16
    Debra Stachelski said:

    Reading this has me wanting to go back to Door County someday!

  13. 10.19.16
    Ashley said:

    What a fun little getaway! Egg Harbor sounds so cute. I love hidden gems like that!

  14. 10.19.16

    Josh and I are always looking for fun midwest places to visit. Adding this to the list.

  15. 10.19.16

    Sounds like a great trip! I am already thinking about wine haha. It is definitely on my list since it’s not too far away from here. Thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂

  16. 10.19.16
    Pamela said:

    I already had Door County on my bucket list for the wineries but you are definitely making me want to go sooner. Although the fall definitely seems like a gorgeous time to be there! Glad you guys had a blast! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    • 10.20.16

      It was so beautiful up there, but I think things are a bit more lively during the summer so we are anxious to go for another weekend next summer. The wine trail is SO much fun – you would love it!