Why I Exercise & Current Workout Routine

For whatever reason, this post has taken me a while to write. You see, I have a strong love/hate relationship with working out. Until a few years ago, I really never had to work out. I was (and still am!) more about alternative forms of exercise – taking Finn for a long walk, cleaning the house, yard work, etc. As I saw it, I’m tall enough with a ridiculously long torso and a metabolism that is through the roof – why do I need to go to the gym? Ha. Back at the beginning of the year was when I first started to feel not so great about myself, and I knew that it was time for a change.

Why I Exercise Current Workout Routine

When it comes to body image, it’s still hard for me to accept that I’m not a teenager anymore. Now I have hips, a rounder face, larger arms, and an overall more mature figure. I think that’s why I struggle when I look in the mirror sometimes – I still want to see the super-thin, lean 20-year-old version of myself. But, hey – that’s just not reality! I’m different, my body is different, and I have new/different needs to stay healthy. And, that includes going to the gym on a regular basis.

At the beginning of the summer, I made the commitment to go to the gym at least three to four times a week. So far, that schedule has been successful for me! It’s nearly second nature now on most days. I especially push myself on days that I don’t “feel” like going. If I wake up making excuses of why I shouldn’t or can’t go to the gym, that’s how I know I NEED to go. My mind sometimes goes into overdrive, particularly when I’m stressed, and the gym helps to relieve that. And, that’s precisely why I exercise. It’s an hour each day that I can be selfish and take care of myself. As a result, I’m happier, more confident in myself and appearance, and way more productive the rest of the day.

It did take me a little bit to get into a groove at the gym, but I finally found what works for me and holds my attention everyday. If you’re looking for an easy, low-impact everyday workout, I put together my current workout routine for you! You can customize this workout to accommodate your fitness level and desired results.

Why I Exercise Current Workout Routine

So, now you know why I exercise and my current workout routine. With the start of a new season upon us, now is a great time to jump start your fitness and health goals so that you can feel your best for the remainder of 2016. I know that I feel the best that I have in a while, and I’m excited to see where my commitment to fitness takes me in the coming months.

Do you struggle with negative body image? How do you motivate yourself to go to the gym and/or workout? Do you have a favorite workout or class that you attend?

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  1. 8.17.16

    I am so impressed you have stuck to going four times a week. I was in spots in high school and have struggled to work out regularly ever since. I share many of your same body issues, and it is tough during pregnancy too. You look amazing!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. 8.16.16
    Heather Hawkins said:

    I just stumbled on your blog and I love it! I struggle with body image big time these days… I use to be able to eat whatever I wanted and never gained a lb. Once I started working a desk job and spent the majority of my day sitting- those eating habits had to change! I also had to start exercising regularly and I’m finding I feel better in every area of my life after doing so. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. 8.12.16

    The older I get, the more I struggle with body image. My metabolism used to be great, but as soon as I hit 22-23, that went down the drain. It’s especially been a struggle lately. I’m really hoping that when school starts and I’m more active in general, it’ll be easier to push myself to be more active after hours too. I’ve pinned this workout for that day (soon) that I make myself get into that routine again!

    • 8.15.16

      Thanks for the pin, girl! I’m with you – it seems like my metabolism slowed down around the same time, and I definitely got a little lazy after Ryan and I got married. Staying active during the day always is a struggle for me since I work from home, but I’m sure you’ll be happy to be moving around and on your feet again once school starts!

  4. 8.12.16

    Great workout routine! I’ve always struggled with my body image, but once I made working out a part of my routine it got so much easier. Like I actually miss it if I skip it, which I find so weird! You look amazing gurlie, keep up the great work <3

    Green Fashionista

    • 8.15.16

      So sweet, thank you! And, I’m definitely getting to that point where on days that I don’t workout, I either miss it or am mad that I didn’t go! I feel so much better when I do.

  5. 8.12.16
    Emily Dunham said:

    I definitely struggle with my body image and coming to terms that I can no longer negate what I eat with a quick session at the gym. It’s amazing how it improves my mood, too! The days I really don’t want to go, I just repeat over and over to myself that it will be worth it afterwards! My arms are my biggest trouble area, so I definitely need to try at your exercises!

    • 8.15.16

      I hear you! I’m so self-conscious about my arms, too so I definitely make it a point to do some sort of arm exercise everyday.

  6. 8.12.16

    You have such a healthy mindset on this! It definitely makes a difference once you find something you enjoy doing vs going and doing something because it seems to be what everyone else is doing or what you’ve tried in the past. This looks like such a great routine!

    • 8.15.16

      Thank you! I’m trying to stay in the mindset that I need to do this for my overall health, not just to look good.

  7. 8.11.16
    Lisa said:

    I am still in complete denial that my body has changed over the last 10 years (since I was 20)! Although, after having 2 babies I’m really thinking I need to get back into an exercise routine of some sort! Your routine sounds great. 🙂 — Lisa | Naptime Chai

  8. 8.11.16
    Christina Sotherden said:

    Getting into the routine was key! Years ago I’d go to the gym do ten minutes and be over it but once I got into a routine I found out I actually liked including it into my day and try to workout now in some way once a day.

    I’m with you… Walking Stella is hands down my favorite “workout”.. I’m craving the fall weather to do our longer walks without dripping in sweat!

  9. 8.11.16

    It was all about getting into a routine for me as well! Once I started getting into a habit, it made it that much easier to get into a routine to go. I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon recently because I feel like we’ve had so much going on during the week, but I still try to go as much as I can!

    • 8.15.16

      It’s a lot harder in the summer – there’s about 15 other things I would rather do than go to the gym (lol), but I always push myself to go. It really helps my mood, and I’ve found that I’m sleeping better!

  10. 8.11.16

    girl, good for you. this is awesome. you know i always leave long comments, so…….. it is SO hard to look at yourself in the mirror when your body has changed, especially when it was one way on its own for so long. i cannot eat what i want and not exercise like i could when i was younger, but i’m glad of that because i don’t want to be lazy. I want to workout for health reasons mainly, but of course i want to look good as well. but i can’t let that be my focus, it has to be for health. your heart health is SO much more important than looking good. would you rather look good or have a healthy heart AND look good? right? right. so i focus on that, and it becomes easier. not easy.. but easier. and you can always snap me if you need me to encourage you or say congrats for working out – it’s lame but it totally helps me and that’s why i over snap all the time haha

    • 8.15.16

      I know we already discussed this, but I’m totally going to take you up on being my long-distance motivational coach, lol. It’s nice to know that someone else just gets where I’m at and my mindset with this whole thing.

  11. 8.11.16

    I’m with you- there are days when I HATE dragging myself to the gym. But you gotta do what you gotta do! Your routine is so well-rounded, lady- and you look great!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. 8.11.16
    Debra Stachelski said:

    Good for you, making a commitment to exercise is Hard!! (Something I’ve yet to do, haha!) Thanks for inspiring the rest of us, you look great!

  13. 8.11.16

    I need to add more exercise in my life. These are great routine ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  14. 8.11.16

    Ugh, I need to get into a real exercise routine ASAP and I’m kind of dreading it! I am the same way – all about the alternative forms of exercise haha – but this baby pooch is real and I think I’m going to have to put in actual effort to get rid of it sadly 😉 I’ll have to modify this a bit to do it at home, but I can’t wait to try!

    • 8.15.16

      Yeah, girl! Don’t be too hard on yourself, though. Your body just did the most amazing thing it can do, so you definitely shouldn’t stress about it. Plus, you look beautiful!

  15. 8.11.16
    Ashley said:

    That’s such a good workout routine Karly! Planks are one of my favorite ways to work on strengthening my core. I’ve found as long as I stick with a consistent workout routine, I love it. Coming back after a vacation or traveling and being out of routine is when it gets hard to get back into it!

    • 8.15.16

      I couldn’t agree with you! Mondays always are my hardest days, too, especially coming off weekends when Ryan is home (like today). I just have to tell myself that I’ll feel better afterward!