Thursday Thoughts and Links

You guys, it has been a week. I thought that with a new month starting on a Monday that life would be full of productivity and motivation, but I was sorely mistaken. For whatever reason, I’ve been living in a constant daze/funk and I can’t even exactly pinpoint what’s bugging me. Anybody else go through times like that?

Thursday Thoughts and Links

Anyways, I’m hoping to snap out of this state-of-mind soon enough and get back to normal. In the meantime, here’s a roundup of some Thursday thoughts and links.

| Well, I admit that one thing that is bugging me is the progress on the kitchen – or lack thereof. We ran into another scheduling/miscommunication issue, so it has been a full two weeks with a half-finished back splash. Not to mention that our contractor still has to come back and finish all the detail work. Sigh. I know it all will be worth it when it’s finished, but at this moment in time, I’m way over it. I just want my house back to normal!

| Maybe it’s because I’m in a mood this week or the fact that I haven’t changed my hair in a while, but I’m itching for something different.  This post is giving me major hair vibes for fall.

| Who else was glued to their TV this week? The Bachelorette finale was kind of boring in my opinion. No surprise there that she picked Jordan. Bachelor in Paradise was an absolute train wreck, but hey – that’s what we’re always hoping for. My favorite show this week was The Hills special with Lauren Conrad. It was fun to learn behind-the-scenes secrets of my favorite reality show growing up, and I’ll take any chance to get a peek inside Lauren’s professional and personal life. Her house is something dreamy.

| I loved reading the latest Ladies Who Laptop series with Julia from Gal Meets Glam. Girl can do no wrong in my book.

What have you been up to lately? Any links/stories that you’re loving?

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  1. 8.9.16

    I can sooo relate to how you’ve been feeling. The first few days of August I was slightly annoyed because, I was hoping for that whole fresh month fresh start more motivation thing to happen. But it was a good reminder that you don’t need a month month to magically make things better/change. I don’t watch the bachelor, but bachelor in paradise came on and I was like what is happening, but also couldn’t stop watching, haha.

  2. 8.7.16

    I use to be a huge LB fan and then The Hills. It was so sad to learn a lot of it was really just scripted, but Lauren Conrard remains awesome ! I love her.

    I tried doing something fun with my hair earlier in June and the hairdresser f***ek my hair up so bad… I’m still trying to recover from it. 🙁 But, that link you posted of the hair style and colour is gorgeous !

    • 8.8.16

      Ugh, that is the absolute worst! I went through a similar experience last summer, and my hair just now is finally back to normal. Hang in there, it will grow out!

  3. 8.7.16
    Nadia said:

    Totally get the feeling – I’m trying to get myself back into a productive routine now that so many of the wedding decisions have been made but it’s been difficult since I also feel like summer is just slipping away! I’ve seen there’s been some progress on your kitchen so I hope you’re almost there! Here’s hoping for the start of a productive week!

  4. 8.5.16
    Biana Perez said:

    Loved watching the Hills special – totally took me back to when that show was on air and I think LC has grown so much!! Hope the weekend pulls you out of your funk! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  5. 8.4.16

    That puppy face! <3

  6. 8.4.16

    I thought the finale was boring too. She was so clearly into Jordan … No surprise! And ummm what?! I totally missed the boat on the Hills special. I will be searching that out on Hulu…. Hope you are able to get out of your slump soon… I know how that goes ! Xoxo

  7. 8.4.16

    The lack of progress in my kitchen would definitely put me in a funk too! Hopefully everything will come together quickly and your kitchen will be done! So the reason that I decided to dye my hair was because I was getting all sorts of feelings about wanting to change my hair! I’m so glad that I did because now I feel like I actually changed!

  8. 8.4.16

    i get in lots of funks sometimes, there seems to be nothing for it except time you know? i hope the kitchen hurries up and gets done, perhaps that will be the boost you need to get out of your funk 🙂

    • 8.8.16

      I totally think you’re right. I just don’t do well with clutter and mess and half-finished projects, so when I have to stare at it everyday it just starts to bug me. 🙂

  9. 8.4.16

    YEs yes yes to feeling like that from time to time. So frustrating, because getting out of the funk is exactly wha you don’t have motivation to do. Here’s to hoping you see progress on your kitchen soon, I’m so excited to see the finished product after all this hard work!!

  10. 8.4.16

    I’ve given up on trying to get in a blogging rhythm for the rest of the summer and am just going to post when I feel like it for now… I figure I’ll start getting back into a routine after Labor Day since blogland is so quiet in the summer anyway! I’m so bummed I missed The Hills special – hoping I can catch it on rerun soon!

    • 8.8.16

      Hope you were able to catch a rerun of The Hills show! It was so fun to watch. And, I think you have a legit excuse to not be in a normal routine right now. 🙂

  11. 8.4.16

    I feel you- this week has taken FOREVER and I feel totally drained. Ready for the weekend, that’s for sure. Wishing you some speedy progress on the kitchen- living in a construction zone is definitely frustrating!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. 8.4.16

    Sending lots of *hugs* your way sweet friend! And yesss to all the tv this week, I am still excited about The Hills special. Team LC forever <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. 8.4.16

    Totally understand feeling a bit ‘blah’ about the blog. I think summer is a tough time to stay motivated! I’m hoping once hashtag fall comes along, I will have a lot more inspiration to write about ha! And I’ve been glued to my tv too! So many good shows on right now!

    • 8.8.16

      I think you’re totally right! I’m really not anxious for summer to go away, but I am anxious for fall clothes – I just feel so uninspired by shorts and tank tops everyday!

  14. 8.4.16
    Emily Dunham said:

    I can’t wait to watch The Hills special! So glad to hear it was a good one. I totally feel you on being in a funk – hopefully things with your kitchen can move along and help with that!

  15. 8.4.16
    Debra Stachelski said:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, everyone gets into a funk sometimes! Hang in there, hopefully your kitchen will be done soon and you can get your home back to normal. It’s been that kind of a summer!

  16. 8.4.16

    I have definitely felt meh/in a funk before. It happens. That stuff with your kitchen would bother me too. When we had our place repainted I felt like that too. At least it’s summer though!!! 🙂 It is also Thursday thank goodness haha. Hang in there lady, and hey if you ever need a break, come to Chicago! 🙂