When You Take a Step Back

Let’s have a little chat today, shall we? Unless my imagination is running wild, I don’t think that I’m the only one feeling burnt out or burdened by blogging as of late. It is summertime after all – the sunshine and warmth beckons us outside to live life during these glorious remaining weeks of the season instead of being glued to a computer and phone screen. And, you know what? I’m here to tell you that it’s okay when you take a step back.

When You Take a Step Back

You may have noticed recently that my posting schedule has been inconsistent. Some weeks, I’m able to get ahead and write three or four new posts while other weeks, such as last, I only published two days of new content. My extreme Type A personality would be lying to you if I didn’t say that I didn’t feel stressed about that at all – trust me, I was feeling a twinge of guilt anytime that I stopped to think about it. But then, lucky for me, I have the best support system in the form of Ryan and he reminded me that I shouldn’t feel guilty for living life and temporarily setting work aside. And, based on what I’ve seen and read in the blogging community lately, I don’t believe that I’m the only one that has adopted this attitude!

Most of us are in what some would consider our “prime” years of life – of course, we all have a ridiculous list of responsibilities, but we’re also able to take time to enjoy life and what it has to offer. Many of us have so much to love about life right now – new jobs, new homes, starting a family, etc. Shouldn’t we allow ourselves to enjoy those precious moments to the fullest instead of letting stress and personal pressure overshadow them? Especially when it comes to blogging – as a majority of us are doing this as a side/part-time job, shouldn’t it get back to being fun instead of constantly worrying about stats, shares and schedules?

When You Take a Step Back

When You Take a Step Back
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I, personally, have felt a great weight lifted from my shoulders since I made the decision to take a step back and better manage my priorities. Don’t get me wrong – I love to blog. It’s a big part of my life and daily routine, and I don’t plan to quit for the foreseeable future. But, there’s something to be said by cutting back a little. It actually has given me a fresh perspective and inspiration, which ultimately leads to new content ideas. I always would rather put out quality content a few times a week opposed to publishing a post just to publish. Not to mention, I feel better about myself as an individual – with a lower stress level and refusing to beat myself up about something so trivial, I’m able to be a better wife to Ryan, doggy mom to Finley, and person to those around me.

Sometimes, we simply just need to take a break. And, when you take a step back, it’s amazing what you experience.

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