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Where I Shop for Affordable Home Decor

If I’ve learned anything since I became a homeowner it’s that it costs a lot of money to be a homeowner. From renovations to appliances and repairs to landscaping, etc., things really start to add up. As a result, there’s not always a lot of money leftover in the budget for furnishings and decor – which, of course, is my favorite part of making a house a home. But guess what? You can make your home look stylish and inviting for not a lot of money! So today, I’m sharing with you my top stores and sites where I shop for affordable home decor. And, this is in no way a sponsored post – all of these places are tried and true by me!

Where I Shop for Affordable Home Decor & Furnishings

Where I Shop for Affordable Home Decor


Oh, TJMaxx – how I love thee. For the longest time, I always had such a negative mindset toward this store – it typically was messy and kind of like shopping at a garage sale. But, it seems in recent years that a lot of the stores – at least, all the ones that I’ve been to recently – have remodeled, and now it’s a way nicer shopping experience. The shelves still aren’t always as neat as they could be, but that can be half the fun, shuffling through everything to discover a gem hidden behind other items. Plus, the inventory is constantly changing so you’re guaranteed to see new merchandise in the store on a regular basis – I go at least once a week to see what’s new and if anything that I’ve had my eye on is marked down or on clearance. TJMaxx always is my first stop if I’m looking for glassware (vases, etc.), fake greenery and baskets. Everything on our entryway table (check out the reveal here), minus the table itself, is from here.


Thank goodness for HGTV and the endless amount of commercials that they air for Wayfair – that’s the only reason that I heard of this site in the first place. Wayfair has been my go-to for hard-to-find furnishings – and what I mean by hard-to-find is when I have an exact idea in my head of what I’m looking for and I can’t find it anywhere else. This was the case with our chairs (no longer available) in the family room and my beloved dining room table. There’s always deals to be had, and even full-priced items are less than what you would find in a traditional furniture store. Plus free shipping on all orders makes this site a no-brainer.


As many people will attest to, you can find some well-made pieces at IKEA for ridiculous prices. Our eat-in kitchen table almost is two years old with zero issues or scratches, and we plan to purchase these sitting chairs for the dining room. I swear by their picture frame department – you can’t beat $9.99 (give or take) for 8×10 frames. I also love the selection of linens – throw pillow inserts and covers, blankets, bedding, etc. They also rarely change their inventory, so if you need to think over a piece of furniture or even a small decor item, odds are pretty high that it will still be there whenever you have the chance to go back. If you’re like me and don’t live close to an IKEA (the closest one to me is back in my hometown!), I’ve had good luck with the inventory checker on their website so you can make sure what you’re looking for is in stock before making a trip.


I feel like World Market is an underrated store and doesn’t get the love or recognition it deserves! Especially with the boom in farmhouse-inspired and rustic decor, this store is the mecca for that type of style. We just bought these dining chairs for our kitchen table, and not only are they cute, they are so comfortable. I also love their selection of rugs and baskets, as well as all the unique wall decor. Be sure to sign up for the World Explorer program (it’s free) – you’ll receive frequent coupons and even occasionally a specific dollar amount-off coupon. With the purchase of our chairs, we earned a $10 off coupon so I have some shopping to do before the end of the month!


Kohl’s can be very hit or miss for decor, but I’ve found that shopping online is the way to go. Remember these mirrors (sold out!) from our family room? I searched high and low for them, and Kohl’s was the only place that I could find them. Belle Maison is one of my favorite brands for “shabby chic” decor, and the Kohl’s website is one of the few places that I can find a large selection of their products. Free shipping on orders more than $49, plus any coupons that you may have (who doesn’t shop at Kohl’s with a coupon?) makes anything and everything super affordable. You also can join their Yes2Rewards program where you earn points for every dollar you spend, and then you receive money off your purchase the following month.

Honorable mentions go to …


… because well, it’s Target. I always look forward to their seasonal home collections because they usually are on-trend, good quality, and of course, affordable. I usually shop here first for lighting, like this lamp in our family room, and almost all our doormats and throw rugs come from here, too.


I’ve expressed my love for the H&M Home department in recent months with this post and this post. Everything is great quality, and you can’t beat the prices. I love when a store is able to produce on-trend home decor but still keeps it classic and timeless, and that’s exactly what H&M has achieved with their home products.

There you have it – my top picks of where to shop for affordable home decor and furnishings. I promise that you don’t have to break the bank to decorate your home and make it warm and pretty.

Did any of your favorite stores/sites make the list? Where do you shop for affordable home furnishings?