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Saturday Style 12 | How Living in a Renovation Zone Affects Your Daily Routine

Happy Monday, everybody! How was your weekend? Ours was a real doozy, which I guess is to be expected when you’re living in a renovation zone. You know what I didn’t expect from all this, though? The struggle to put together an outfit on a daily basis. It seems silly, but it’s true – being home alone with a bunch of male workers in the house, I’m not exactly inclined to prance around in one of my pretty sundresses, and I also don’t want anything too nice to get covered in sawdust. So, I had to forego any hope of getting “real” style photos taken and keep it completely real – slouchy tees and boyfriend shorts for the win.

How living in a renovation zone affects your daily routine

This might as well be declared the uniform for all when you’re living in a construction zone. It’s comfortable but put-together enough to be presentable in front of contractors, and if you happen to get caught in the construction mess it doesn’t matter too much – it is just shorts and a tee, right?

Oh, and hair and makeup? Forget about it. All last week, I adopted a shower-at-night routine so I at least got clean and was able to wash my hair when needed, but then I hardly did anything else with my personal appearance. Maybe a dab of concealer here and there, but not much else, and my hair has pretty much been affixed in a bun or topknot at all times. Hey, at least I got a pedicure!

The reason being for this low-maintenance look and routine is that even though the contractors say they’re going to be at your house at a specific time, it usually ends up being way earlier or later than planned. If you follow me on Snapchat (msinthemidwest), then you know that nobody showed up Wednesday as planned, but I still had this nervous feeling in my gut that the second I would get in the shower, somebody would show up. Not exactly the awkward encounter I want to deal with.

How living in a renovation zone affects your daily routine
tee | boyfriend shorts

In all honesty, it kind of was a refreshing way to get ready – not feeling the need to get all dolled up and instead just keeping it casual and carefree. I think I’m going on almost a week straight of not wearing a stitch of makeup, and I know my skin (and schedule that doesn’t allow for hour-long makeup sessions) thank me. I definitely could get used to that and adopting this mindset throughout the summer, especially on warm days.

What do you prefer in the summer – getting dressed up or keeping it casual? What about going makeup-free?