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I Just Want to Hang With My Dog

When we adopted Finley almost two years ago (gosh, I can’t believe it has been that long already!), I never thought that he would change our lives as much as he has. Finn, to put it mildly, is pretty much the center of my universe, and I’m not one bit ashamed or embarrassed to admit that. Whoever started saying that dog is man’s best friend clearly never met a crazy dog mom like myself. “I just want to hang with my dog” is a phrase that has been said more often than not around here, which is why this tee perfectly sums up my feelings toward Finn.

I Just Want to Hang With My Dog

Finn came into my life at a time when I needed him most – we had just made the decision that I more than likely wasn’t going back to work in a traditional  9-to-5 office setting and as a result, I was home alone a lot and feeling a bit lonely. When Ryan and I started to have the discussion that maybe it was time for a puppy, I wasted no time. In fact, I found our sweet little man at 2 a.m. while laying in bed and scrolling through PetFinder on my iPad. I’m pretty sure that I even woke Ryan up right away that morning and said, “LOOK! I FOUND OUR DOG!” The rest is history – we got confirmation from our then-landlord that we could have a dog in the rental house, our application was approved by the rescue group, and we brought Finn home a few weeks later. Check out this old post from the first week that we brought him home – he was so tiny!

I Just Want to Hang With My DogI Just Want to Hang With My Dog

I Just Want to Hang With My DogLife hasn’t been the same since – for the better, of course! The amount of comfort and happiness that Finny brings to Ryan and me is unmatched by anything else. I love to have the companionship during the day – even though I sacrifice a majority of my office chair so Finn can sit and sleep on it, too – and I sincerely enjoy taking care of him. Let’s face it – Finn might as well be a human based on how I treat and spoil him everyday! Nine out of 10 photos on my phone are of him doing something ridiculous, and he’s also basically the star of my Snapchat (msinthemidwest). I told you – I’m a crazy dog mom and I’m not afraid to show it.

But, I really see nothing wrong with that – in the grand scheme of things and time, our pets aren’t with us for that long, so we might as well soak up every single second that we have with them. So, if I just want to hang with my dog and do nothing else, then that’s a-okay in my book.

I Just Want to Hang With My Dog

I-Just-Want-to-Hang-With-My-Dog-4I Just Want to Hang With My Dog

I Just Want to Hang With My DogIf you’re interested in your own I Just Want to Hang With My Dog tee, it is from Taylor’s – of The Day Tay, which is a blog that you need to follow if you aren’t already – Etsy shop! The shirts do run small, so I suggest sizing up one or two sizes from your normal size depending on how slouchy you want the tee – I’m wearing a large, for reference. Taylor also donates 20% of profits to local animal shelters! Always a bonus when fashion is for a good cause.

Do you have any pets? Do you obsessively love on them like I do with Finn?