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Five Summer Makeup Essentials

The summer season is the ideal time to take a break from makeup. With the temperatures heating up, the last thing we want to worry about is melting makeup and hourly touch ups. However, if you’re like me, then you rarely like to go completely makeup-free – especially if you’re headed out of the house for date night or a summer get-together. So today, I’m sharing my five summer makeup essentials that help me – and hopefully you! – feel and look polished for any summer activity.

Five Summer Makeup Essentials

Five Summer Makeup Essentials


I love switching out my regular liquid foundations for lightweight BB creams in the summertime. BB cream formulas these days provide just as good, if not better, coverage than sheer-to-lightweight foundations. They also provide additional benefits to your skin – moisture, SPF, etc. I’ve sworn by this drugstore favorite for years – it gives good coverage, and it holds up even in the warmest conditions. I have yet to find a high-end BB cream that I like as much as this one!


Part of achieving glowy summer skin is keeping things bright. Instead of a traditional under eye concealer, I opt for a liquid brightener, such as this one from Maybelline, to conceal dark circles and brighten up the eye area. I also dab this around my nose, on the bridge of my nose, and around the corners of my mouth to conceal any redness. I don’t recommend using this on acne, though – the pink undertone will bring attention to the spots instead of hiding them. Instead, use your normal concealer that is closest to your skin tone.


There’s nothing prettier than a peachy-toned blush against sun kissed skin. And, peach blush is universally flattering on all skin tones regardless of your hair/eye color, etc.! I almost always go for matte blush because I want to control where I add “shine” to my face. Lorac’s Matte Buildable Blush in Technicolor has been a favorite for a few weeks now – it’s the prettiest shade of peach without being overpowering.


Highlighting is part of my routine year round, but I enjoy a cream highlighter more during the summer months because it kind of blends in with the natural sheen of my skin as the day goes on. Plus, it’s the ultimate product to get Victoria’s Secret angel skin (you all know what I’m talking about!). Influenster was kind enough to send me the new Marc Jacobs Glow Stick in Spotlight, and oh goodness – this stuff is the real deal. I’m a huge fan of the twist up packaging – there is a ton of product in there, which I’m happy to say will last a while. It’s easy enough to dip a synthetic brush or damp sponge into the product, but I prefer to swipe my ring finger across the product a few times and then apply it where I want it – top of my cheekbones, cupid’s bow, eyebrow arch, etc. It gives a gorgeous glow that isn’t overly obvious.


As much as I love lipstick, it can feel too heavy and drying on my lips when it’s warm out. Plus, since I want more of a natural, easy-going look most days, I’ve found a new appreciation for lip gloss. Revlon is my favorite formula since it’s not too sticky and has a slight pigment to it so I still have some color on my lips.

So, there you go – my five summer makeup essentials! Did any of your favorite products make the list? What are your go-to products in the summertime?