Like My Mother Does

People always say I have a laugh like my mother does.

mother daughter wedding photo

Guess that makes sense – she taught me how to smile when things get rough.

Mother's Day 2016_Miss in the Midwest

I’ve got her spirit. She’s always got my back. When I look at her I think, I want to be just like that.

mother daughter wedding photo

She’s a rock. She is grace. She’s an angel. She’s my heart and soul. She does it all.

Mother's Day 2016_Miss in the Midwest

When I feel weak and unpretty, I know I’m beautiful and strong because I see myself like my mother does.

mother daughter wedding portrait

If you’re a fan of country music, then you’ll recognize these lyrics from the song “Like My Mother Does” by Lauren Alaina. This song always has reminded me of my own mom, and with Mother’s Day approaching this Sunday, I’m reminded how I’m forever in debt to the man upstairs for letting me born to her. Mom, you are the Lorelai to my Rory – you’re my best friend and biggest confidant. If I’m blessed to become a mother someday, I hope that I can be half the one that you have been to me the past 27 years. I love you!

How do you celebrate the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, special women in your life, etc., for Mother’s Day?

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  1. this is the sweetest post ever. i’ve heard that song before, so sweet. makes me miss my mum so much! you and your mom look so alike!

    Posted 5.25.16 Reply
  2. mdb0112 wrote:

    So sweet! Your pictures together are so sweet! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

    Posted 5.8.16 Reply
  3. I just adore this song! Such a sweet post – I’d be lost if my relationship with my mom wasn’t what it is.

    Posted 5.5.16 Reply
  4. Aw. You two are so lovely and radiant in these photos. Your relationship is inspiring too. Not everyone has been blessed with such a sweet loving mother.

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  5. makeupHER wrote:

    Such a sweet post! I can’t wait to have special photos of just my mom and I at my wedding because her and I are super close!

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  6. This is so sweet! There really is nothing like the relationship between a mother and daughter! I’m like you and hope that I can be half the mom mine as to me!

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  7. This is so sweet! Now I need to download that song and have a good cry… lol!

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  8. Aw so sweet, so glad you and your momma have such a great bond!

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  9. What a sweet post! It’s so special that you have a relationship like that with your mom.

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  10. Debra Stachelski wrote:

    Oh gosh, you’ve got me crying this morning! Such beautiful words that I’m not sure I’m so deserving of, but I thank God everyday for you and for allowing me to be your mother. I’m so glad that we’ll all be together on Saturday!

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  11. Such a beautiful post!

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  12. Such a beautiful post! You are two gorgeous ladies, on the inside and out 🙂 Hoping your mom has a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  13. Jess wrote:

    I lost my mom 12 years ago, losing my best friend was the hardest thing ever. It’s funny how my mom used to call me her Rory (that was our favorite show!). Looks like you have a special bond with your mom. Cherish it! xo, Jess

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
    • I love hearing other mother/daughters that love Gilmore Girls as much as we do! I’m so sorry about your loss, but at least you can smile and know that you had such a special bond with your mom. I’m sure she’s with you every single day. 🙂

      Posted 5.5.16 Reply
  14. So sweet! You definitely look a lot like your mom. Love all of these pictures too. 🙂

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  15. Biana Perez wrote:

    That was so sweet! You are most certainly a carbon copy of your mom!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  16. Pamela wrote:

    Aw this is so sweet! You and your mom are so cute! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    Posted 5.4.16 Reply
  17. Mónica Sors wrote:

    So beautiful post 😉


    Mónica Sors



    Posted 5.4.16 Reply

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