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Learning to Breathe

Remember when you were younger, and life during the warmer months revolved around being outside? Whether it was school recess or meeting a group of friends at the local park, you always wanted to be outside to get fresh air and run around. Because that’s what being a kid is about – living free without a care in the world.

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While I had a great childhood and experienced most rights of passage that kids should go through, I can’t help but sometimes feel like I missed out on the carefree attitude of being an adolescent. And unfortunately, that has carried through with me into adulthood.

I always have been hard on myself and my own worst critic – while friends were outside playing four square, I most likely was inside working on homework. Even in college I typically forewent that night’s party or downtown bar hopping to hole myself up in my apartment to study and work ahead on assignments that weren’t due for another two weeks. And now, I sometimes catch myself turning down opportunities or not allowing myself a simple break to step outside for some air because I have work to catch up on, blog posts to write, laundry to fold, etc. Especially as a blogger and online creative, it is so easy to get wrapped up in social media accounts and webinars and other blogs and before you know it, it’s been four hours since you got up from your desk.

striped tee and utility vest

Women, as we know, have this even worse since practically everybody around us expects us to wear 10 different hats on any given day and manage to get every task finished. But, since the everyday pressures and hustle aren’t slowing down anytime soon, I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to recognize when I’m exhibiting one of my not-so-nice habits that I’ve harbored and developed over the years.

There are times, yes, when it still isn’t easy to walk away from the current project at hand, but there are other times when it just is necessary to close the laptop screen or put the planner away to step outside and simply breathe.

Are you hard on yourself? Do you allow yourself breaks during the day? Share some of your tips and coping mechanisms in the comments.

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