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Friday Five | Holiday Weekend Plans & Links

It’s hard to believe that we’re heading into the Memorial Day holiday weekend – summer officially is here, folks!

Friday Five Holiday Weekend Plans and Links
This picture of Finley sums up the entire week – sunshine and summertime!

We have an exciting weekend ahead of us because tomorrow is DEMO DAY! (Insert the Chip Gaines fist pump here) My parents are headed up to our house tonight, and then first thing tomorrow, my dad and Ryan will be ripping out the kitchen cabinets and pulling up all our old flooring. It’s going to be a giant chaotic mess, I’m sure, but it’s crazy that we’re only a week out from having the new stuff installed. I’ll be posting a recap next week, but be sure to follow along on Snapchat (msinthemidwest) for all the live-action shenanigans.

A few other things that have been on my radar this week …

| What did everybody think of The Bachelorette premiere this week? I loved it – I actually haven’t enjoyed a Bachelor/Bachelorette premiere that much in a while. JoJo seems like a pretty normal, down-to-earth girl, and she has a good group of guys to pick from (it appears). I admit that I’m one of those already pulling for Jordan – of course, he has local connections to the beloved Aaron Rodgers, but I think they look cute together and the attraction obviously is there. I can’t wait for more of the drama to unfold!

| Old Navy has been killing it lately, especially with the sales this week. I ordered two pairs of my favorite boyfriend shorts for only $12.94 each. Score! I’m sure their weekend sales will be just as good, so keep an eye out.

| Have you seen this story how two college students met via Snapchat? I am obsessed with it – even better that it happened in Madison, Wis., which is less than an hour away from me.

| This is a random pop culture/celebrity thought, but is anybody really that shocked that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are getting a divorce? I seriously called that last year when they finally tied the knot. It always seemed like the most random pairing and marriage to me. Plus, who is Amber Heard anyways? I know she was in the recent Magic Mike movie, but beyond that, she hasn’t done a whole lot (I looked it up on IMDB to confirm my suspicions). Anyways, I digress, but seriously. Not surprised at all.

| I wanted to quickly give a big heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for reading and commenting on last week’s post about why I choose happy. It has been a humbling experience to receive all your kind words of support and encouragement, and I was overwhelmed at the response of so many that were able to relate to any part of what I wrote. All of the positive comments just reinforced my overall message about why we need to shut out the negative and focus on the positive. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

I hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend! See you next week!

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