5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Disney MemoryMaker

After sharing our Disney World vacation recaps (part 1, part 2 & part 3), I had a few questions as to how Ryan and I managed to get so many nice pictures together. It was all thanks to Disney MemoryMaker!

Why Disney MemoryMaker is Worth It

This might be one of Disney’s best-kept secrets, but I’m going to shout about it from the rooftops today. By the way, this is in no way a sponsored post – I’m just a very happy Disney customer.

Whenever Ryan and I travel, we always struggle with getting pictures together – I’m not the best at asking strangers to snap a photo, and we never purchased a selfie stick (I just couldn’t bring myself to do it …). So, when I found that Disney offered this service, it pretty much was a no-brainer. I knew that we were guaranteed to get professional-quality photos with both of us in the frame. Win-win.

Why Disney MemoryMaker is Worth It

Still not convinced? Here are my top five reasons why you should consider purchasing Disney MemoryMaker for your next vacation. Note: MemoryMaker is available at all Disney locations, not just WDW Resort in Orlando, Fla.

1. There are photographers all over the parks at all the best locations/landmarks. 
You don’t have to worry about missing a photo opp in front of the castle or in the different countries throughout Epcot. The photographers are stationed throughout the parks to get you and your family the best photos possible – just look for the Disney employees carrying a large, professional-looking camera (they usually are dressed in khaki and navy blue), and ask them for a photo. There sometimes can be a line, but there typically is more than one photographer in the area so you don’t have to wait. Then, when you’re finished, they simply scan your MagicBand or ticket, and you can view the photos immediately in the My Disney Experience app (another tool I highly recommend).

2. Photographers are present at most (if not all) character meeting spots. 
Since I wanted Ryan and I to be in most photos with the characters (except for the Princess Parade …), I was happy to see that Disney photographers were present at each and every one of our character meetings. I have heard that that’s not always the case, so maybe we just lucked out. The photographers really shine during these meetings because not only do they snap the cute, posed photos, but they also take several other candid shots that capture the excitement and magic (proof is below when I met Sleeping Beauty!). Even if you’re not planning to purchase MemoryMaker or download the photos separately, you also can hand your phone or camera to either the photographer or cast member that’s present at the character meeting – all of them are very accommodating and are more than happy to take photos for you that way.

Why Disney MemoryMaker is Worth It

3. You can keep your silly (and embarrassing) ride photos.

Ride photos always are fun to look at, but most people don’t spend the money on them because they typically are not very cute. Well, the ride photos are included with the MemoryMaker service, so you get to laugh at them at home, too!

4. Photographers help you to embrace the magic and/or anything that you’re celebrating.
The photographers are just as great as the characters and cast members at getting you into the Disney spirit. Whether they make you do a silly pose, like the photo below in front of the Be Your Guest restaurant, or they want to capture special moments that revolve around whatever you’re celebrating on your trip (everyone thought we were honeymooning plus my birthday, so there were lots of kissing photos for us!), it’s just another element that adds to the Disney experience.

Why Disney MemoryMaker is Worth It

5. You get more bang for your buck.

Now, let’s talk numbers. If you purchase MemoryMaker in advance, it’s $149. If you purchase it the same day that your vacation starts, it’s $169; however, be careful of this option because any photos taken within the first three days of your purchase are NOT included, and you will have to buy those separately. We went with the advance option because, well duh – we wanted to save a few bucks. I’m not suggesting that that still isn’t a lot of money when you’re already spending a fortune to go to Disney, but when you compare it to how much it costs to download photos individually – that starts at $14.95 per photo – it really is a steal. You simply download all your photos to your computer when you get home (you have 45 days to do so), and then you can get the photos printed anywhere! They provide you a photo release agreement, too so you aren’t questioned anywhere about who has the rights to the photos.

When we got home from our trip, I downloaded more than 200 photos as a result of the MemoryMaker service – that’s more than 200 professional photos and memories that we now have forever! We actually probably would’ve had more if our Epcot day wasn’t so rainy and more photographers would’ve been available around the park. So, you figure if I were to download all those individually at $14.95 a piece, that would be thousands of dollars! Instead, the MemoryMaker service allowed me to keep all the memories for what is a pretty reasonable price.

Why Disney MemoryMaker is Worth It

Be sure to check out Disney’s website for more information about MemoryMaker.

Have you used Disney’s MemoryMaker or are you considering it for an upcoming trip? I’d be happy to answer any other questions!

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  1. 4.11.16

    These pictures are all so cute! It definitely seems like it’s worth it- especially to get pictures of the two of you together.

  2. 4.11.16

    I had no idea about this! What a great idea. I would definitely purchase it. You got some great shots!

  3. 4.8.16

    i really wish we had done this, but i didn’t find out about it until too close to the trip and KC was like NO haha. i think it would be even better if you had kids. all of your photos are fabulous!

    • 4.12.16

      Haha, oh KC. I don’t even know him, but I feel like I do through you, and he cracks me up. Yes, I think this a definite must-have for families!

  4. 4.7.16

    wow, that is a really great idea! esp for family trips!



  5. 4.6.16
    Ashley said:

    I had no idea this service even existed but it’s genius!! Awesome review girl!

  6. 4.6.16

    You guys are too cute, and your pictures from Disney are gorgeous! Having 200+ professional photos from vacation sounds like an amazing idea 😀
    Green Fashionista

  7. 4.6.16
    Mes Voyages à Paris said:

    It looks an amazing idea! Next time I’ll ask for it!!! Thanks for sharing dear!


    Mónica Sors



  8. 4.6.16

    I wondered how you got so many great pictures of you guys on your trip! What a great idea! I will have to remember that when we plan a trip to Disney!

  9. 4.6.16

    That’s the one thing that I wish that we had done when we visited Disney a few years ago. There were a lot of priceless ride photos with my in laws and it would have been fun to have more shots of us with the characters. I also had no idea that they won’t include the first three days of your trip if you don’t advance purchase MemoryMaker! That’s really good to know!

  10. 4.6.16

    I haven’t been to Disney in a few years so I had no idea they got so advanced!! This is so cool and omg to not have to worry about your camera every 5 mintues?!? That would be amazing!!

    • 4.6.16

      I know, that was the biggest selling point for me! Even though we pretty much use our phones as the new “point and shoot camera”, I didn’t want to have my phone glued to my hand the whole time. This service made it so easy to relax!

  11. 4.6.16

    Super cute pictures of you two and what a fun/nice service!! 🙂

  12. 4.6.16
    Christina Sotherden said:

    I love that they do this! The last time I was there probably about 3 years ago they had photographers that you would give a little card to so you could see/order the picture online but would also take it with your camera so I loved that but will definitely look into this for the next time we go!

  13. 4.6.16
    Debra Stachelski said:

    You guys got so many wonderful pictures, that service was worth every penny!

  14. 4.6.16
    Jenn said:

    I didn’t even know about this service (probably because I haven’t been to Disney since I was in 4th grade haha) but it sounds like a great option!

  15. 4.6.16
    Pamela said:

    The Memory Maker package is so great for people visiting the park on vacation! Especially couples since Disney doesn’t allow selfie sticks in the park! You guys got so many great pictures! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

    • 4.6.16

      Oh, that’s right – I totally forgot about their no selfie stick policy. Actually, now that I think of it, I saw someone get theirs taken away during the security bag check!

  16. 4.6.16
    Biana Perez said:

    That really is a great service – my sister opted for it when they went to Disney in December with the kids and she too said it was such a great investment! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • 4.6.16

      I’m sure it’s a dream for families with little kids – don’t have to worry about having the camera or phone glued to your hands at all times!