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Luminess Air Essentials

Recently, my skin has decided to flip a switch and revert back to its teenage ways – I’m talking redness, sensitivity, acne, etc. (Psst – no, I’m not pregnant!) As a result, I’ve been reaching for lighter makeup products that still provide the coverage that I want/need but allow my skin to breathe and still appear healthy.

I became a big fan of Luminess Air when I tested their at-home airbrush system late last year – the products are incredibly lightweight but provide unprecedented coverage with a natural finish. So, I was more than happy to try their new line of products and add to my airbrush kit.

The Luminess Air Essentials kit is designed to provide coverage that is lightweight without cakey buildup. And, since these products are applied before foundation, you can achieve a flawless, full coverage look without going overboard on foundation. Nobody likes a cake face!

There are three products in the kit, and each is designed to tackle a specific skin concern.

Eraser is a serum that helps to erase large proes, redness and blotchy skin, and helps to even out skin tone – this was my favorite product of the three. With someone that suffers from chronic red skin, especially after cleansing, this product is heaven sent.

X-Out is a hydrating concealer that creates a soft-focus effect that illuminates the eye area. While this product works just fine, I don’t find myself reaching for it that often – it’s difficult to precisely place this product in the under eye area with the airbrush wand, and you then still have to use your finger to blend it in. When I’m using my airbrush system, I’m doing so to not have to use my hands/fingers a lot, so this kind of defeats the purpose.

Porcelain is the kit’s primer, and it worked better for me than the traditional primer that came with the airbrush starter kit. It lived up to its claim to balance uneven skin texture for a smooth and long-lasting makeup look – even with my breakouts, this primer really toned them down and still made it look like I had a flawless face when I applied foundation.

With the addition of these three products to the Luminess Air arsenal, at-home airbrush makeup has never been better or easier to achieve!

Lucky for you, Luminess Air is offering Miss in the Midwest readers 20% off their order with code 603738633. Have fun shopping!

Disclaimer | I received these products from Luminess Air in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are honest and 100% my own.