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Besides the gloomy, rainy weather, it has been a rather exciting week around here! With a majority of our downstairs taking shape, we thought it was time
to have someone come out and look at our kitchen for design ideas and a
cost estimate.

While it won’t be until sometime next week or early the week after until we get to visit the showroom and take a look at what the designer came up (we get to look at a digital 3D floor plan, very HGTV), we have every confidence that she knows what we’re looking for and can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Now I’m just anxiously waiting on pins and needles to see the results!

Favorite links:
| Amanda wrote a great post about why women basically rule the world.

| Applying my makeup in this situation is my mission for the future. #laborgoals

| Oh, Henry Cavill (aka Superman aka the celebrity love-of-my-life) – I would recognize you anywhere.

| How gorgeous is this farmhouse kitchen reveal? This has me dreaming of my own kitchen even more!

| Tortilla-crusted taco chicken sounds like the perfect combo of an easy-weeknight meal and satisfying our craving for Mexican food.

Have a great weekend!
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