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Hello, weekend – boy am I sure glad to see you! I suffered big time from post-vacation blues this week (I shared part 1 of our trip here), and I fully admit that there’s still a little remorse left in me that we’re back at home. However, nothing beats being going for a week and coming home to an extra-snuggly pup, a full DVR of shows to catch up on, AND the complete first season of Fuller House streaming on Netflix. That trifecta definitely has helped me ease back into normal life.

Favorite links:
| Ashley is doing inspiring things with her career and blog – her post on personal growth hit particularly close to home.
| On behalf of thousands of women (I’m sure), thank you to Richard Ward for showing us exactly how to achieve Princess Kate’s blowout
| Kids practicing their reading to shy shelter dogs might be the sweetest thing that you’ve seen all week. 
| In case you didn’t know, there is a “dark side” of blogging and Taylor hit the nail on the head with explaining it. 
Have a great weekend, everybody!
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