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Caseapp Personalized iPhone Case

And, the weekend of love has finally arrived! With Ryan off work this weekend, he surprised me with dinner reservations tonight at my favorite Italian restaurant, Maggiano’s. I’m excited to have an excuse to dress up a little and eat way too many carbs. We’re also hoping to get out to the movies this weekend – any good recommendations about what we should see?

Favorite links:
| If you’re still looking for a (very) last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one or if you’d just like to treat yourself, think about designing a custom phone case through Caseapp! We all are guilty of having our phones with us at. all. times, so why not have a case that’s meaningful to you? I love having one of our family photos with me at all times! Plus, you can use code MISSMIDWEST20 to get 20% off your order. Discount code is valid through Feb. 20.
| Still need some makeup inspiration for all the lovey-dovey activities this weekend? Check out my quick day-to-night tutorial and Nadia’s soft feminine makeup tutorial
| Thanks to Ashley, this card is my new obsession – it pretty much sums up mine and Ryan’s entire relationship! This site also is loaded with other unique goods.  

| This was an interesting read as to why smartphones are killing fashion shows.

| If you haven’t seen Misty Copeland recreate Degas paintings, do yourself a favor and go look now – the images are breathtaking.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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