Top 3 Eyeshadow Blending Brushes

I often get asked about my technique for how I blend eyeshadows out and together to create a seamless look. Well, besides years of practice, I have three secret weapons in my brush collection that guarantee a well-blended eye look every. single. time.

Top 3 Eyeshadow Blending Brushes | Sigma Beauty, Sonia Kashuk

That’s right – it only takes three brushes to achieve a put-together eye look! Each brush has it’s own purpose, and I use them in a specific order to make the blending process easier.

Sigma Beauty E40 Tapered Blending Brush // I always start with this brush since it’s large and fluffy – perfect for depositing an eyeshadow close or slightly darker than your natural skintone into your crease and slightly above.

Sonia Kashuk Small Eyeshadow Brush // For more definition, I use this small flat brush to lay down the darkest eyeshadow color that I plan to use in the outer-V or half of my eyelid. This brush doesn’t involve a lot of blending – just pack down the color where you want it!

Sigma Beauty E25 Blending Brush // Based on the name, it would make sense that this brush is the last one to use, right? With this brush, I pick up a small amount of an in-between eyeshadow color and blend it right over the outer corner color and crease color to mesh everything together. With this brush, you have to practice a lot of patience – windshield wiper and small circular motions will help you to achieve the most seamless look. You don’t need to pick up too much extra color, either – even when the color is all deposited onto the lid, blending back and forth with the brush empty will only help blend everything out even more.

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And, there you have it! I’ve perfected this routine and technique for years, and I can attest that no other brush combination blends eyeshadows as well as these three do. Even better is that they all are affordable and accessible, so you don’t have to break the bank to achieve your desired eye makeup look.

What techniques do you have for blending out eyeshadow?

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