New Year, New Goals

Anybody that knows me knows that I live and swear by lists – whether it’s a to-do list, shopping list, things-I-must-accomplish-instead-of-watching-Netflix list, lists are what get me through my day-to-day life.
So, what better way to start 2016 than with a list of goals for the year? I’m not a resolutions person – just like thousands of others, resolutions only seem to stick with me for a week or two before I find some excuse to let it go. I think this will be a better route for me to go, and having it out there on the blog will (hopefully) keep me accountable.

// Get back to budgeting. I always have been a saver and pretty tight with my money and spending habits, but it seems like that has gone out the window since we purchased our home last year. While I know we are financially sound and stable, I don’t like the feeling of not knowing where every single dollar spent has gone. Quicken is our go-to budgeting software, so I want to get it back up and running.

// Live in the present moment (and have FUN). I think everybody and their mom has this as one of their goals for 2016, but it’s a valid one! With social media and ever-changing technology, it can be hard to disconnect (especially for us who are bloggers). However, aside from simply disconnecting, I need to focus on living in the moment – I have a tendency to constantly plan for the future, whether that be the following day or a vacation months away, and I think I miss out on a lot as a result of that. I never will stop planning, but I can be more aware of my current surroundings, too. I also don’t allow myself to have a lot of fun – I’m 26 going on 50 over here and always feel the need to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I’ve been that way my entire life, but at least I’m aware that it’s something I need to change.

// Work out consistently and meal plan. I’m hoping to remedy the workout situation soon – Ryan and I are going to check out our local YMCA this week, and I think I will be much more motivated to go on a regular basis since they offer classes (I’m a big advocate for group exercise). And, while we do an okay job of meal planning every week, we could be better, especially with the choices that we make. I will never give up our Wednesday tradition of pizza, though. #sorrynotsorry

// Learn to say no. No is not a word that I use often – I like to put others and their needs/wants before my own, and sometimes that can put me/us in stressful situations. While I’m certainly never going to be a selfish person, I have to learn that it’s okay to say no to things that don’t work with my/our schedule. At the end of the day, I have to do what’s best for me and Ryan (and Finn, of course) so that we are okay and in the best possible place that we can be!

// Put myself out there. Making friends as an adult is hard, especially when you’re at home during the week and you’re still living in a fairly-new-to-you city. Well, I’m determined to change that – whether it be joining a book club, meeting people at fitness classes, doing some volunteer work, whatever! I want to make the most of where we live and finally find some people to share our home with. This probably also would help with my goal to have more fun.

// Continue to grow Miss in the Midwest. Last, but of course not least, is I would love to continue to work at this blog and see it grow – it’s hard to believe how much it’s grown just throughout the past year! Ryan and my parents went in together on a new computer for me for Christmas, so I cannot wait to get everything transferred over and see what a difference a working computer makes (mine currently is ridiculously slow and has a ton of issues). Ryan and me also are working at learning our DSLR better so we can improve upon the photography, and I have a whole list in my planner of other things I’d like to accomplish with this space this year! First up is a whole new look that is much more simple and streamlined – I can’t wait for all of you to see it (next week, hopefully!).

So, here’s to you 2016 – I hope that I can report back at the end of the year that I accomplished all these goals and then some!

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