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Finally, it’s Friday! Did this week drag for anybody else as much as it did for me? Between the cold, dreary weather and battling a migraine half the week, I’m definitely happy to see the weekend.

I have some home projects/decor staging on the agenda, along with simply staying warm and lots of snuggle time with Finn. Anybody have binge-worthy recommendations on Netflix or Amazon Prime? I’d love to watch the first season of Younger, but I’m not sure where to find it.

Favorite Web links:

 // If you’re anything like me and are constantly playing with/twirling your hair at your desk, then this hair tutorial is for you.
// Amanda wrote a killer post this week about how to avoid fashion blogging blunders – I know I for sure learned a lot and have a lot to implement with my own photos!
// Let’s face it – we’re all obsessed with Fixer Upper, but are you a true fanatic? These 30 signs will tell you if you are (and will most likely give you a good laugh). 
// I’m starting to think about Super Bowl Sunday food, and these pizza pinwheels are at the top of the list. Yum!
// A DIY boot tray seems like a must right now for anybody that has snow on the ground where they live. 
Have a great weekend! Stay warm!
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