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Only a little more than two weeks to go until Christmas! I wrapped up a majority of my shopping this week with only a few minor things left to pick up, so I plan to get a jump start on wrapping this weekend so I can admire all those pretty gifts under our trees. I also need to find the motivation to hit the gym or do some at-home workouts since the holiday slump has hit me early – with vacation coming at the end of February, I can’t give up on my goals now! What are your best tips for staying active and motivated this time of year?

Favorite links:
Does anybody else struggle with how to pose for photos, whether in everyday life or for fashion blogging? Take note of some of these best tips from our favorite celebrities.
I made this baked pasta for dinner last weekend, and Ryan dubbed it one of his favorite meals ever – so, I guess it’s a winner. Note: I substituted ground beef for Italian sausage – just as delicious!
If you’re looking to stay in shape this holiday season, check out Amanda’s roundup of at-home workouts and her holiday playlist. The Victoria’s Secret Model workout is on my to-do list.
Have a great weekend!
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