Best of Beauty 2015 | Skincare

With the end of 2015 only a few short weeks away, it’s time to reflect back on the year’s best beauty products!

Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my favorite picks of 2015 for skincare, makeup (face, eyes and lips), and hair. Today is all about skincare and the products that have allowed me to achieve the clearest, healthiest complexion that I’ve had in years.

Facial cleanser | This is hands-down the best face wash that I’ve ever used (even better that it’s super affordable!). It gets my skin clean without stripping the oils or causing it to be overly dry, and my breakouts have dramatically decreased since I started using this cleanser midway through the year.

Facial moisturizer | Another fantastic drugstore skincare product, this moisturizer is the be all-end all for me and facial moisturizers. It has more of a light, water-based/gel-like consistency, so it gets the job done without feeling greasy. It also serves as a great base before applying face makeup.

Facial scrub & mask | I’ll admit that this is the newest of all the products in this list since I only incorporated this into my routine within the past month, but it quickly has shot to the top of my favorites list. I most enjoy this scrub because the beads are gentle enough for my super-sensitive skin – it doesn’t feel like I’m taking off a whole layer of skin. It’s also great as a deep-cleansing mask, and my skin is so, so soft once I rinse the product off.

Eye cream | It wasn’t until this year that I finally tried this long-loved eye cream, and I can understand all the hype around it. The best feature, in my opinion, is how the formula has a slight color tint to it, which helps to cover and conceal dark under eye circles.

Body wash | Nivea is one of my favorite skincare lines, and their body washes are my go-to for every season. I found myself using the coconut scent year-round because it leaves behind a clean and fresh scent like you were just at the beach – who doesn’t want that in the dead of winter?!

Self-tanner | I am not a huge self-tanner girl, but this hidden drugstore gem sure makes it easy. I used this a few times throughout the year for special events or when I needed a little pick-me-up, and it never streaked or left me looking orange – both important criteria for at-home tanning.

I’m thrilled that I found an arsenal of skincare products this past year that not only agreed with my sensitive skin but helped it achieve it’s fullest potential!

Stay tuned for next week – I’ll be chatting about my favorite picks for face makeup.

What were your favorite skincare picks throughout 2015? Tell me in the comments!

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