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Cheers to the last week of 2015, all! How was everybody’s holiday weekend? Ryan and I had a perfect Christmas Eve at home with Finley before we headed to my hometown the next morning to celebrate Christmas and my dad’s birthday. Although a bit hectic, we enjoyed our time with family and the last couple days of Ryan’s vacation!

Today, I’m wrapping up my Best in Beauty 2015 series with my tops picks for hair products and tools.

For how picky I am about my hair, I tend to keep it relatively easy and low key when it comes to the products that I use on it and how I style it. Let’s face it – when you’re born with fine, stick straight hair, there’s not a whole lot else it wants to do! However, I pushed myself this year to try new (to me) and different products to try to achieve a healthier, more stylish (and not boring!) look.

 Hot Thermal Styling Brush | This is hands-down my favorite purchase of 2015! This hot styling brush completely has transformed how I style my hair on a daily basis and for special occasions – it gives you the results of a salon-quality blowout at home! I receive numerous compliments anytime I use this on my hair, and you can bet that I will buy another one if it ever dies on me! Question: Would anybody be interested in seeing a how-to tutorial with this? I can’t decide if I should do one or not!

Professional Grade Bobby Pins | I always have had trouble with bobby pins holding in my hair, but thanks to Kate’s from the Small Things Blog recommendation, that no longer is an issue! These bobby pins are super affordable and effective – they don’t have the plastic coating that is on most bobby pins that you find at the drugstore, so they aren’t as slippery in my hair.

Dry Shampoo | It took me a while to understand why so many people love this dry shampoo, but now I cannot live without it. My favorite part is the texture and grip it gives my hair without weighing it down or making it appear that I have a ton of product in my hair. I’m also glad that I easily can find this at TJMaxx since I don’t have an Ulta nearby.

Sea Salt Spray | A long-time cult favorite, I rediscovered this product when I was looking for some much-needed help in the styling department after I cut my hair into a lob. This spray is the ultimate after-curling product – it gives my hair a gritty, matte texture and finish that keeps it from looking too perfect. Plus, the smell alone makes this worth purchasing.

Volume Mousse for Fine Hair | It’s amazing what certain products can do for fine, limp hair if you give them a chance, and I’m so glad that I took a chance on this product! This mousse formula was specifically created for fine hair, so it isn’t sticky or heavy. It gives my hair a lot of body that lasts practically the whole day.

Volumizing Finishing Spray | This product was in a recent monthly favorites post, and the love affair is still going strong. I always use it after I use the hot thermal styling brush or a curling iron to give my hair tons of extra volume and a flexible hold. On the downside, this stuff can be tricky to find! Your best bets are online or at your local drugstore, such as Walgreens or CVS.

I had SO much fun recapping all my favorite beauty products from the past year, and I can’t wait to see what new goodies 2016 brings!

What were your go-to hair products during 2015?

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