DIY Infinity Scarf

Did you know that you can turn any regular scarf into an infinity scarf in less than 30 seconds? Well, you’re in luck – today, I’m going to show you how!

Particularly during this time of year as the temperatures drop, I tend to gravitate toward infinity scarves since I like the chunky, wrapped effect that they give, as well as the extra warmth around my neck and the fact that they take all the how-should-I-tie-this guesswork out of adding a scarf to your outfit.

If you’re like me and most of the scarves that you own are the regular kind that you typically have to wrap and tie in some creative way, all you need to know for this tutorial is how to tie a knot. Seriously. By simply knotting the opposite ends of the scarf together to create a loop, you are left with a DIY infinity scarf!

 I typically do this with any scarves that have fringe, tassels or some adornment on the ends – you can choose to hide the knots and/or end detail in the back at your neck, but I think it adds an extra detail to the “new” scarf to have the knots or fringe hanging down on the side. This trick also works great on thin or lightweight scarves to give the illusion that they are a bit thicker.

Now you can get extra wear out of all those scarves hanging in your closet!

If you try the DIY infinity scarf trick, be sure to share on Instagram or send me a Snap (@msinthemidwest) so I can see your looks.

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