Checking In …

Hi, hello! I’m here, I’m alive!

All I can say is October has proved to be one busy, exciting (and stressful!) month. Between celebrating two years of marriage, vacationing in Puerto Rico for a week, being sick the entire week post-vacation, and then jumping into bridesmaid duties for my cousin’s wedding, the past few weeks have been a blur. 

While I had every intention of getting back into the groove this week, I’m going to continue my unplanned hiatus and take the next few days to catch up, unwind, and enjoy this unseasonably warm fall weather we currently are experiencing. I promise regular programming will be back in action next week, including a recap of our trip and a look at what I received in my second StitchFix!
As always, thank you for your understanding and sticking with me. You still can find me over on Snapchat (msinthemidwest) to keep up with the latest in life. xo

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