9.23.15 37

Long, Voluminous Locks With Irresistible Me

Ever since chopping off my hair into a failed-attempt at a “lob” back in May, I’ve been mourning my longer hair. This in return has further fueled my curiosity about hair extensions. I know (at least, I’m sure of it) most celebrities wear hair extensions to get the allusion of full, luscious locks, and they always have appeared like just a fun thing to have for days when you feel like changing up your look.

With that, it goes without saying I was thrilled when Irresistible Me contacted me about reviewing a set of hair extensions from their Royal Remy collection. I decided to get the 16″, 140g hair extensions in the color Golden Blonde, which includes eight pieces – 1 piece of 4 clips, 3 pieces of 3 clips, 2 pieces of 2 clips, and 2 pieces of 1 clip. That is a lot of hair, people. Since thickness isn’t what I was after with hair extensions – I have fine hair but tons of it – I’m only wearing the four clip piece, two pieces of the three clips, and the two pieces of two clips.

Since I’ve never worn any other type of hair extensions before, I don’t have anything to compare Irresistible Me extensions to, but it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with these! The hair is good quality, and the clips are heavy duty so I don’t feel like the extensions are going to fall out as the day goes on. I couldn’t believe the color selection that is offered – when I received my extensions, I was worried that I picked a shade that was too dark for my hair, but luckily, the Golden Blonde shade blends right in with my dimensional highlights. The length also is spot on for what I was trying to achieve – sure, they may be on the slightly longer, exaggerated side, but that’s the whole fun of hair extensions, right?!

Overall, I can’t recommend this line of hair extensions enough. There appears to be something for everybody, regardless of your hair type, color or budget. If you’re in the market for a new set of hair extensions or are a newbie like me, be sure to check out Irresistible Me!

Disclaimer | I was sent a set of Irresistible Me hair extensions in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own.