August Beauty Favorites

Unlike the month of July, I actually had some beauty favorites throughout August! 

My favorite drugstore foundation and brow pomade are tried and true products in my collection, but they came in extra handy during those hot, summer days when I needed my makeup to be sweat-proof. This makeup sponge was purchased in an effort to cut down on costs, and let me tell you – I’m not sure I’ll ever buy a BeautyBlender again. This budget-friendly version is just as good. I was all about berry-stained lips last month, and I’m thrilled that both this lipstick and gloss combination will carry me well into the fall months (you can see this combo in action here). 
And, last but not least, I was thrilled to receive these biotin supplements to test out – I take a biotin vitamin nightly, and now I even look forward to it since these gummies basically taste like a piece of candy. If you haven’t jumped on the biotin bandwagon yet, I highly suggest that you do – my hair, skin and nails have never looked/felt better since I started making this a regular habit. 
What beauty items were you loving throughout August?

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