Summertime Scents

Happy Monday, all! I’ve always had a strong sense of smell, and I often associate specific smells and fragrances with memorable moments or a special place.

These three scents have been my go-to rotation throughout this entire summer – this one with it’s fun, slight-fruity scent is what I reach for when I’m out running errands or if we’re embarking on a fun daytime adventure, such as mini-golf or a day of shopping, while this one and this one, with their overall light, clean, beachy aroma, have been reserved for special occasions, including weekday date nights and happy hour on an outdoor patio by the lake.

This summer has been one of the busiest we’ve experienced, but these scents make me smile when I think about all the memories, both with friends and family and the quieter moments just between Ryan and I, that we’ve created throughout the past few months.

What are your go-to summertime scents?

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