Becoming a Digital Reader | The Kindle Voyage

Although I’m probably the last person to jump on this bandwagon, I’m officially a digital reader. Up until a month ago, I resisted the idea of an e-reader because hard copy books seemed to be one of the few things in my life that hadn’t been overrun by technology. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of a new book and turning those fresh, crisp pages?!

However, my change of heart stemmed from recent conversations with Ryan that I/we want to start adopting more of a “less is more” and “quality over quantity” way of life. I’ve never been a fan of clutter – just ask my mom, I was that kid that always had a clean room! – and it seems like ever since we moved in to our home, we haven’t finished unpacking all our boxes but have continued to bring in more stuff and clutter into our space. It’s just unnecessary, and it stresses me out like you wouldn’t believe. So, throughout the past month or so, I have been working hard to clear out excess from my wardrobe, beauty collection, etc., and that led me to one of our spare bedrooms where all our books currently are being housed. It simply seems silly at this point in my life to hold onto books that I only read once and never plan to read again, with the exception of coffee table books and any classics or books of sentimental value. Now all the books that we don’t want are either going to family members, friends or Goodwill.

The minute I mentioned to Ryan that I finally was ready to look into e-readers, he logged onto Amazon and did the research for me. The Kindle Voyage is the latest e-reader model and albeit slightly more expensive than it’s predecessors, it was worth it to me for the sharper screen resolution and adaptive built-in light that automatically adjusts to any room’s lighting to give my eyes the best possible reading experience. My favorite part is that I can take the Kindle outside and not know the difference that I’m reading from an e-reader instead of a hard copy book – the screen is that bright and clear.

The benefits of an e-reader are undeniable – you can instantaneously search and download books on the go and carry with you multiple books at a time all housed on a device that’s small enough to hold in one hand and that weighs next to nothing. Also, if your local library is a participant, you can check out e-reader books and have them downloaded to your device, just like you would a regular hard copy library book!

Since my purchase of the Kindle Voyage, I have read more in the past month than I have all year (six books total and about to start my seventh!). Not only do I now enjoy reading more than ever, but I also am at ease that I no longer have hundreds of books laying around everywhere!

What do you think – do you prefer hard copy books or an e-reader? I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving printed books, but I do love the new convenience of an e-reader. Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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