6.25.15 37

Things That Thrill Me

I only wish that my hair looked like this at all times.

In an effort to keep our sanity while choosing paint colors, we
initially decided to only have a palette of four to five paint colors
for the entire house, including the same paint color for all the
bedrooms. Well, now that I’ve seen what Sherwin Williams’ Collonade Gray looks like, we may have to make an exception to our own rule.

I’m a fan of caprese anything and a fan of kabobs, so it makes sense that I would love to try this caprese kabobs recipe – it would be perfect for any cookout!

We’ve been going back and forth on painting the inside of our front
door black – Ryan wasn’t too keen on the idea at first – but after
showing him the before and afters of this fixer upper house, I convinced him that a black interior door is the way to go.

Meals that include shrimp always are that much more appealing to me during the summer and having it tossed with pasta in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce sounds like the perfect evening meal.

Pamela won best outfit of the week in my book with this gorgeous printed maxi dress – I love how she styled it with her black floppy hat, too.

A white chocolate chip berrylicious cheesecake dip
not only sounds like both the perfect appetizer and dessert-in-one, but
we also can tell ourselves a little white lie that it’s healthy since
there’s fruit involved.

Did all of you see Kate from the Small Things Blog’s major makeover from Maskcara? It’s amazing how different (but still beautiful!) she looks!

I’ve been itching for a change in my office furniture and decor lately, and I think I’m leaning toward a wraparound/extension desk for some extra work space – this home office reveal is exactly what I have in mind but in a different color.