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Top 5 Favorite iPhone Apps

With the overwhelming amount of applications available these days for smartphones, it’s difficult to sort through all of them and find new ones that are appealing to you. Some of my favorite posts from fellow bloggers is learning about what apps they rely on, so today I’m sharing my top five favorite apps (of the moment, at least!)

1. Rock My Run. There is nothing worse than being on the treadmill and skipping through songs on your playlist until you find one that has a good beat – this app takes care of that for you! You can search, stream and/or download (for free!) premixed playlists that will keep you walking or running the whole way through your workout. All the mixes are created and mixed by professional DJs, so you know you’re going to find some pretty sick beats. A few of my current favorite mixes are Spring Fever, Swift & Sweet and Girls Night 2003.

2. Walk For a Dog. If you’re a dog owner, then I’m sure you can agree that our fur-children look forward to those daily walks when the weather is nice. Why not also support your local humane society while walking?! After you create a pet profile, you can start tracking your walks – you’ll receive a map of your route, your distance and time. The best part is that the more you walk and refer other people to the app to sign up and walk, a donation will be given to your local humane society or shelter of your choice. So, get walking!

3. PhotoSync. This app is pretty much heaven sent because with the click of a button, you easily can transfer all the photos from your phone right into a folder on your desktop computer. Now you can edit, share, print, etc. all your phone photos with the ease of using your laptop or desktop.

4. Squaready. This is a more recent app discovery for me (thanks, Nadia!), but it quickly has become a favorite. Especially for fashion bloggers, it can be difficult to share outfit photos with the square restrictions in Instagram. This app makes it easy to shrink and fit your whole picture into the square frame without having to crop or sacrifice detail.

5. The Goods. If you’re an avid HomeGoods shopper like I am, then this app was made for you. Once you choose your local store(s), you’ll instantly receive an Instagram-like feed of new products that are available in the store. Anybody that shops here knows that you usually can find a few hidden gems if you look hard enough, and this app makes it that much easier to score an item that you’ve been looking for – or didn’t know that you needed in the first place!

What are your current favorite apps?