5.7.15 49

Things That Thrill Me

This styled wedding photo shoot
in nearby Milwaukee makes me that much more excited for my cousin’s
upcoming nuptials in October that also will be taking place in the city
with a similar theme.

Although I’m not typically a big potato person, I’m a fan of anything that involves garlic and Parmesan. Yum.

Ashley recently posted her beach beauty favorites – now I have a few items on my list that I need to pick up before we go to Puerto Rico!

We’re slowly working to update all the oak in our home, and I’m thrilled that this tutorial offers a shortcut on how to update the banister without sanding.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it on here, but I am a big fan of Erin Andrews. I’m convinced we would become best friends if we ever had the chance to meet. ANYWAYS, she cut her hair into a gorgeous lob this week, and I cannot get enough of it.

Rustic decor apparently is my vibe lately, so I love discovering different DIY tutorials and ideas as to what to do with old windows.

As we finish up our family room renovations and start to think ahead to the other rooms, this flooring is exactly what I envision throughout the whole first floor of our home, including the kitchen.

I received one of The Little Market’s candles
for my birthday, and holy cow – it’s my favorite candle that I’ve ever
owned. I can guarantee that I’ll be purchasing a few more from the new
spring line.

I’ve pretty much been obsessed with the arrival of the second royal baby since she was born last Saturday – please tell me I’m not alone! This was an adorable read as to what she should expect by being named Charlotte.