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Things That Thrill Me

Because I’m a five-year-old at heart and sometimes, nothing sounds better than a grilled cheese. This roll-up version looks like the ultimate snack or a perfect pairing to a bowl of soup.

As we all know by now, the Lilly Pulitizer for Target collaboration is only a few weeks away from it’s debut online and in stores. Amanda
did all the work for us and pulled together some of her favorite looks
and pieces from the line – I can’t wait to do some shopping!

Not only are these infographic images utterly adorable, it’s actually a helpful read to learn what your dog is telling you by his/her body language.

Nadia hit it out of the park with her DIY natural daily brush cleanser – now none of us have an excuse to not spot clean our beauty brushes when we don’t have time to deep clean them.

Salads have been my bee’s knees lately, and this fruit salad looks divine – perfect for now and later when it’s time for summer barbecues!

April has arrived, which means it once again will be time for a hair appointment at the end of the month. I’m seriously considering (for real this time) slightly shorter locks for summer, and Brooklyn Decker is my ultimate inspiration. Thoughts?

was the first blogger I ever started following, and after all these
years, she still knows how to keep her wardrobe and style fresh and
interesting. Her recent combination of stripes and florals has me longing to add a floral-print coat to my closet.

I’m pretty sure Ryan has no desire to build anything new after we finish these bookshelves, but he just won’t be off the hook that easy! I’m dreaming of a farm-style table in our dining room, and it looks like building one isn’t very difficult or expensive.

I’m a sucker for Chinese food, but I know it’s not the healthiest of meals that I can consume. Baked vegetable egg rolls not only sound delicious, but knowing what I put in them and how they’re cooked helps the nutritional factor.