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Weekend Snaps

Happy Monday, all!

How was everybody’s weekend? It was quite a productive one around the Anderson household.

Ryan surprised me with just because flowers at the start of the weekend – the yellow and lavender roses are right up my alley lately with my obsession for all things spring and pastel!

I’m convinced that Finley wants me to put makeup on him – his spot on my vanity bench remains one of his favorite locations in the house, plastered against my leg, of course.

I’ve had a lot of practice with baby boy gift baskets throughout the past year, and I had the opportunity to create yet another masterpiece this weekend for one of Ryan’s coworkers who is about to be a first-time dad. His girlfriend loves foxes, so I ran with that theme. Not pictured: the cutest baby slippers with fox heads on the front. To. die. for.

I think Finn was trying to tell mommy and daddy to take a break from all the housework and watch TV with him. No joke – he jumped on the couch to snatch the remote and proceeded to run all over the house with it. We couldn’t even be mad at him because it was too entertaining – who needs TV when you have an 11-month old puppy, right?!

The black and white dalmatian print curtains arrived from The Bluebird Shop! Even though I had planned to hang these in the family room, I’ve since changed my mind since the decor and overall mood we are going for in there has shifted a bit. So, since I can’t return them (oops), I think they are going to hang in the guest room instead.

The built-ins are nearly finished – Ryan worked his tush off this weekend and made significant progress on them. I’m so excited to share the final product! Ryan is even more excited to not have to build another bookshelf anytime soon. #diynovice

And, just like that – the weekend ended with warm puppy snuggles and a quick snooze on the couch.

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