3.25.15 39

Midweek Confessions

I have so much fun reading everybody’s confessions posts when they are up, so I thought it about time to write my own and get a few (mostly trivial) things off my chest.

So, I confess …

… that throughout the past month, I’ve taken an hour break nearly everyday to continue my binge-a-thon of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. Just one hour for one episode. I’m hooked.

… that we still haven’t unpacked every single bag or box from when we moved. In December. If I haven’t been looking for it by now, it probably means I won’t, right?

… that I’ve been in quite the Taylor Swift mood lately. Those who
know me best know that I have such a love/hate relationship with her – I
can’t stand her and think she has an average voice at best, but damn –
girl can write some lyrics.

… that I’ve been very into online shopping the past couple weeks. It’s a good thing that Ryan knows that these phases come and go; otherwise, he may have to take the credit card away from me.

… that Ryan and I have bickered more in the past month than we have in the entire seven years that we’ve been together. The culprit? The family room. We seriously could be one of those couples on the DIY Network show Renovation Realities. It’s amazing what home ownership and projects can do to a couple.

… that I’m suffering from MAJOR baby fever. It’s nowhere in the cards right now for Ryan and I, but I’m finding any excuse to shop for baby stuff for any friend or family member that’s pregnant.

Do you have any recent confessions to make?

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