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High Five for Friday

Hello, Friday!

How was everybody’s week? I, for one, am glad that my week is ending on a higher note than it started on. I took a pretty nasty fall down our stairs Tuesday morning, so it has taken a few days for me to move around normally again without feeling stiff and sore. I’m looking forward to getting back in the gym and hopefully out around the neighborhood with Finn for a walk if the weather cooperates!

Here’s a quick recap of the week. 

1. There’s officially paint on the walls and a new couch in our family room! *happy dance* I couldn’t be happier with how everything is (finally) coming together. We also have new carpet picked out, a coffee table on its way from Pier 1, and two wing-back sitting chairs coming from Wayfair. Our DIY built-ins also are coming along nicely – Ryan hasn’t lost any fingers yet using the table saw, so I consider that a success. #winning

2. No birthday of mine is complete without my mom baking a Pillsbury Funfetti cake – I’ve had a funfetti cake on my birthday every. single. year. for as long as I can remember. Lucky for me, there’s always lots leftover – Ryan isn’t a big cake guy – so I’ve been indulging in a piece for dessert every night this week.

3. Who else saw the season finale of Downton Abbey this week? Was it just me, or did some of you feel all the feelings, too?! I was crying, both tears of happiness and sadness, during the entire two hours. I’m already dreading the year-long wait for the next (and final!) season to begin.

4. I finally joined Poshmark! A lot of bloggers recently have shared their experience with the app and how great it is for selling clothes, so I thought it was worth a shot. If you’re on there, be sure to follow my closet – I’m planning to post quite a few items this weekend!

5. It’s so hard to believe that our little Finny is 10 months old! Thank goodness that he’s still as cute and loveable as ever – it makes it easier to not stay mad at him when he chews up his daddy’s slippers.

Have a great weekend!

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