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Top 5 Moments From 25

It’s hard to believe that I’m 26 years old today. It’s been a couple of hectic, nonstop years – it’s true when they say that time seems to speed up as you get older.

As I embark on another year, I want to reflect back on the top five moments from being 25.

1. Miss in the Midwest was relaunched.
When I originally
created Miss in the Midwest in August 2013, I didn’t have a clue what I
was doing. I was naive about the amount of time a blog actually takes
and paired with wedding planning, I inconsistently posted mediocre
content. After walking away from it for a few months, I relaunched the
blog in February of last year, which I now consider the actual anniversary of when I started it. I am so proud of this space and
thankful to everybody who reads it and the friendships that I’ve formed
as a result.

2. I pursued a part-time venture in freelance writing.
Blogging has provided me many new opportunities to work and collaborate with other bloggers and small businesses. One of the most rewarding of these opportunities is when I signed on as a contributor to The Wedding Party Blog to share my take on weddings and all the details and planning that they involve. Combining my love for writing and passion for wedding planning has been a fun adventure, to say the least, and I hope to continue on in this side project throughout the coming year.

3. Finley became my better third. 

Our family grew by one last July when we brought home our little 8-pound Finny. It’s hard
to imagine life before Finn joined our family – whoever says raising a puppy isn’t hard work is lying! Now at 10 months old and nearly 25 pounds, he’s just as cute and loveable as ever.

4. Ryan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary (and six years together!)

and Ryan’s first year of marriage was met with a lot of changes and ups
and downs, but the constant was that we remained a team and got each
other through every step. We spent our anniversary in Las Vegas, which
made for a fun, memorable trip. 

5. We bought a house. 

After four moves since May 2013, Ryan and I finally purchased our first house in December 2014. It is something that we saved for and dreamed of for so long – I sometimes still can’t believe that we’re homeowners! We are working hard on all our renovations and updates around the home, so I hope to share some progress with all of you soon.

25 definitely was a big year with lots of changes and milestones, and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead at 26.

Have a great weekend!

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