Beauty Empties vol. 2

Let’s kick off this Monday with a little trash talk, shall we?

I’ve recently used up several hair, skin and beauty products – some that are staples in my routine that you’ve heard me talk about numerous times and others that I’ve been working through for a while to provide honest feedback and reviews for all of you.

Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo | I inherited this full bottle of dry shampoo from my mom during my last visit. She gave it to me because it didn’t work for her hair, and it surely didn’t work for me, either. This probably is one of, if not the worst, dry shampoo that I’ve ever used. The product is a very wet formula, which took several minutes to dry on my scalp before it left a heavy white powder finish that took several more minutes to massage into my head and brush out. Not only was my hair not left feeling clean and refreshed, it was limp and oily a few hours later.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + | This bottle of moisturizer lasted me a little more than a year, which I consider pretty impressive since I used it on a daily basis. Although I didn’t like it as much as the moisturizing gel, this certainly helped keep my dry winter skin hydrated and flaky spots to a minimum. I can’t say I’d go out of my way to repurchase it anytime soon, but if you’re in the market for a creamier, thicker moisturizer, I’d recommend this one.

Up & Up Oil-Free Acne Spot Treatment | This product is the Target generic version of the Clean & Clear blemish spot treatment that I’ve used for years. I was having a lot of trouble with breakouts the past month, so this tried-and-true staple was a lifesaver. I typically apply it to any spots right before I go to bed, and more times than most, the problem areas appear significantly better the following morning. For someone with sensitive, acne-prone skin, this product is a must!

Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo | I won’t waste any time talking more about this product. It’s my holy grail of all dry shampoos. I love it. I can’t live without it. The end.

NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray | First of all, I am thrilled that the drugstore finally is offering affordable setting sprays. As much as I love the Urban Decay ones, the $30 price tag can get pretty steep when you use setting sprays as frequently as I do. Anyways, this NYX setting spray is a great product, and it kept my face matte and fresh all day with hardly any touch ups. It’s not as fine a mist as the UD setting sprays, so the key is to hold the bottle about elbow’s length from your face to avoid feeling like you just splashed water all over yourself. I’m currently trying a different setting spray, but I will be repurchasing this one in the future.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural | After what seems like forever, I hit pan on my all-time favorite pressed powder. I have yet to find a pressed setting powder that works as well as this one, and it never irritated my skin, which always is a plus. You can bet that I will be repurchasing this in a couple weeks when my mom and I go shopping for my birthday. By the way – does MAC still have the program where if you bring in 6 (I think?) empty products that you get a free lipstick? Let me know in the comments!

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream | Again, I’m embarrassed to admit how long I’ve had this concealer, but that just means I got my money worth, right? Seriously, for using this product every. single. day, it has lasted a ridiculously long time. It’s thick, creamy and waterproof, which makes it perfect for covering up blemishes and dark spots. I’ve tried it under my eyes for quick on-the-go touch ups, but it dries a little too heavy and matte to my taste for that area of the face. I’ve recently discovered a great drugstore alternative to this product, so although I won’t repurchase this in the near future, it always will be on my go-to list.

Maybelline New York Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner | This used to be my go-to liquid liner back in college, but I think the formula has changed. I don’t find it to be the “blackest black,” and it’s a rather hard formula to work with. Most of my lines ended up streaky, and the product smeared midday. The tube also dried up rather quick, only a few weeks after I purchased it.

Maybelline New York Define-a-Brow | Again, you all know this is my favorite drugstore eyebrow pencil, and I always have one on standby in my vanity. Enough said. 

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in EastEnd Snob | This is my all-time favorite pink lip liner – it’s not too light and not too dark, allowing it to go with nearly any shade of pink lipstick. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find it at the store to repurchase! Anybody else use this particular shade that can recommend where I should look?

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray | Like I said previously, although this probably will forever remain the holy grail of makeup setting sprays, I’ve been using new drugstore versions of the same product with the same results. This probably will become a product that I only purchase for special occasions, such as weddings, etc., when I know for certain that it will get me and my makeup through a whole day with no issues.

Now that I’ve written the longest empties post known to mankind, it’s your turn to talk to me!

What products have you used up lately?

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  1. Glad you found it helpful! There's also a new one out by L'Oreal that I've been trying and enjoying.

    Posted 2.20.15 Reply
  2. That's great to know, thank you!

    Posted 2.20.15 Reply
  3. Thanks recommending the setting spray! I've been looking for an affordable one for a long time. I'll be sure and give this one a try.

    Posted 2.19.15 Reply
  4. I'm late to comment on this so someone might have already mentioned this, but you can still trade in your MAC empties- I looked into doing it when I depotted my eyeshadows, but I'm still short one pot! I have a MSFN on my wish list, so I'm happy to hear you liked yours so much!

    Posted 2.18.15 Reply
  5. I bet the UD setting spray paired with the UD foundation would be a match made in heaven! I don't even use a primer now because setting sprays work so much better on my skin. The NYX one is a great one to try out, and I'm currently testing out the new L'Oreal setting spray – so far, it's great!

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  6. Absolutely! I'm all about finding drugstore alternatives to more expensive products, and that NYX one definitely does the trick. I'm currently trying the new L'Oreal setting spray – so far, so good!

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  7. Glad it was helpful!

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  8. You definitely should! I think the NYX one is just as effective.

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  9. I'm so glad that you like these types of posts! I hope you love the Suave dry shampoo as much as I do – seriously, it's the best. 🙂

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  10. Yes, I do sometimes wear the Skinfinish Natural powder on it's own! It won't give you full coverage or anything, but I do put some on over concealer if I don't feel like doing a full face of makeup. Works like a charm!

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  11. You should try it! I don't even use a primer now because setting sprays work so much better on my skin.

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  12. Yes! The NYX setting spray is a good alternative to the UD one.

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  13. Right?! It really is the best one on the shelves!

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  14. Clinique has some great foundations – that used to be all that I would wear!

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  15. Rimmel products seem to be harder and harder to find these days for some reason – I don't like that either since they are my favorite drugstore brand for lip products! I think I'm going to have to try a higher-end liquid eyeliner – I just can't find a good drugstore one that doesn't streak.

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  16. Glad you found it helpful!

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  17. You should try it out! I've been using the Clean and Clear one for years, and the Up & Up version is the exact same thing. Works like a charm!

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  18. Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about that liquid liner – it used to be so good! But now, not so much.

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  19. I've never tried a setting spray, but it sounds like maybe I should. I'm curious about this new one that you are trying with similar results to the Urban Decay, I love my Urban Decay foundation so I've found myself trying more and more of their products lately. I'm pretty sure MAC still has that program going on, I think the sales girl mentioned it to me last time I was in the store, which was just a few months ago.

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  20. Nichole wrote:

    I've used the NYX spray for about a year now and always get good results from it! And for that price, it can't be beat! Intrested to see which one you are currently trying though to see if you like it better!

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  21. Sydni wrote:

    this is beyond helpful. i go through way too many products.. should just refer to your blog first 😉

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  22. Ashley T wrote:

    I love the UD setting spray, but good to know about the NYX version! I'm all out and may give that one a try instead!

    Posted 2.17.15 Reply
  23. I super duper LOVE these posts because I'm a product junkie so hearing others rave and review items are so helpful! I've needed dry shampoo for weeks now and haven't found one I liked so I'm definitely going to grab a can of that Suave! Thanks gal pal 🙂

    Posted 2.16.15 Reply
  24. Nadia wrote:

    I felt the same way about the Garnier dry shampoo. I heard so many people rave about it but if felt like it did zero in my hair except make it look worse a couple hours down the line. I've always wanted to try the Skinfinish Natural powder, but I always seem to forget! Do you wear it on it's own at all? I'm pretty sure you can still back to Mac your empty products and get a lipstick if you're at a counter or a lipstick or eyeshadow if you take them to a full store!

    Posted 2.16.15 Reply
  25. The Adored Life wrote:

    I've never used a setting spray before! Good to know!

    Posted 2.16.15 Reply
  26. Biana Perez wrote:

    I didn't have the best luck with the first NYX setting spray I bought…but this one that you mentioned is different so I need to try it!! i need to try that MAC setting powder!! So many great goodies!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

    Posted 2.16.15 Reply
  27. I love this post! The Suave dry shampoo is my fave too! It's seriously the best and it's way better than more expensive, higher end brands!
    xo Emily

    Posted 2.16.15 Reply
  28. It actually takes me foreverrr to use up my skincare products. I just finished my Clinique foundation up and had to buy a new bottle. I wish I could remember the name of it but it's great!

    Her Heartland Soul

    Posted 2.16.15 Reply
  29. Love this post! I've been looking for Rimmel products to try in store and I can't find them anywhere! I resorted to Amazon prime. I have so many samples of that Clinique lotion that I should probably at least try it out. Good to know about that liquid liner – I'm still on the hunt for one that doesn't streak!

    Posted 2.16.15 Reply
  30. Jessi Otey wrote:

    These are my fav's! Love adding new products to try!

    Posted 2.16.15 Reply
  31. Debra Stachelski wrote:

    Thanks to you, I won't waste my money on some of the products you've tried and didn't like! I am going to try the Up & Up blemish treatment though – so many of the other ones are not good on sensitive skin.

    Posted 2.16.15 Reply
  32. Pamela wrote:

    I'm going to have to try the NYX setting spray! So excited there's a cheaper version out there! And I agree about the Line Stiletto. It used to be my go to as well but it seems like they changed something. Great reviews girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

    Posted 2.16.15 Reply

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