1.22.15 24

Things That Thrill Me

1. I’m not a huge fan of Kelly Ripa, but if I can get my arms to look like hers with this workout, I’m in.

2. Salads are my bee’s knees lately, and this one looks especially delectable.

3. A DIY accessory in one of my favorite prints? Yes, please!

4. The family room is our next big home renovation project, and this photo and article is providing lots of inspiration.

5. Kate hasn’t posted a new hair tutorial in quite some time, but she really hit this Golden Globes-inspired updo out of the park.

6. I’ll be refreshing all my pages as my blog layout and design is revamped. This blog has a great example of an About page.

7. I love pita bread but never am quite sure what to do with it. This relatively healthy and easy option looks scrum.

8. All the elements of this chic, casual look is perfection.

9. Continuing on my acrylic kick, this DIY side table is both functional and stylish.