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High Five for Friday

Cheers to Friday, folks! Did the week seem to drag on and on for anybody else? Sheesh – I thought the weekend would never arrive.

It’s going to be a rather low-key weekend around here since it’s Ryan’s weekend to work, and there’s some snow in the forecast. Hopefully I can take advantage of the alone time to make some more progress on home projects and to work ahead on a few freelance writing assignments.

Whatever your plans are for the weekend, I hope you have a good one! Here’s a quick rundown of the past week.

1. Ryan’s been killing it as #husbandoftheyear lately, including surprising me with a custom Chicago Blackhawks tee! Ryan received one from my brother for Christmas, and he knew how much I loved it. I received #10 because it’s my favorite player’s number – Patrick Sharp – AND since Ryan has #5, we now complete our wedding date of 10/5 when we wear them together. Cute, right?!

2. So, I know I’ve been promising a master bedroom reveal for a few weeks now. Forgive me – it is coming sometime in the near future, but there are still quite a few more things to be done than I realized. It’s mainly decor, but I want it to be picture perfect before I share it!

3. We officially have started our mad dash to see and watch all the Oscar-nominated films before the Feb. 22 show. We started with Into the Woods, and it was interesting to say the least. It’s worth it for Meryl Streep alone – there truly is nothing that woman can’t do – and Emily Blunt has a beautiful singing voice. Beyond that, the story is NOT what I expected at all. It’s actually kind of dark and depressing in my opinion. Oh, and Johnny Depp’s five-minute appearance is one of the most bizarre and perverted scenes in any movie I’ve seen.

4. Staying on the subject of movies and pop culture – again, what’s with the Bachelor this week?! Chris definitely has not turned out to be the guy that I thought he was – I think all he cares about is making out with multiple women and trying to get some. If he didn’t want to be lonely, he should’ve gone to FarmersOnly.com. Whitney is in the running for my favorite girl so far, probably because she’s too good for him.

5. I haven’t shared any recent photos of my boys, so here’s one from the other night. Finn’s new thing as of late is that he has to be sitting or laying on top of you whenever you’re sitting down. It sure makes for some precious moments.

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