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Cold Weather Necessities {Outfit Inspiration}

I’ve practically been living in my cold weather outwear the past few weeks while the Midwest was (and continues to be) hit with subzero temperatures and wind chills. 

Until we moved to Wisconsin, my peacoat pretty much served as my winter coat. It did the job and kept me warm, but it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I’m so glad that I invested in a long, down puffer jacket early this season – I found my Andrew Marc coat at Costco for only $60!

I never can leave the house without something on my head and hands to keep my ears and fingers warm, and Gap’s winter scarves always have been my go-to for the colder months. Also, don’t be fooled by the sunglasses – yes, I almost always wear a pair even on cloudy days, but they also help protect my face against windburn when it’s extra windy out. During the winter, the bigger the frames, the better!

Although my winter boots are a different color and pattern than the ones I included above, do not rule out Target when looking for a reliable pair of winter boots. They are ridiculously warm, durable, and easy to get on and off. It doesn’t hurt that they are pretty cute and stylish – I’ve gotten a number of compliments from random people when I wear them to the store.

I have my fingers crossed that it warms up in the near future, but I’m thankful that I have these select few items to get me through.

What are your cold weather necessities?

coat | Andrew Marc (on sale!)
boots | Target
scarf | Gap
gloves | Kohl’s
sunnies | Coach