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High Five for Friday

It’s the happiest of Friday’s because today is the day that Ryan and I close on our new home! We couldn’t be more excited to start this new chapter and adventure in our lives; we’ve saved and waited a long time for this moment, so I am going to soak up every moment possible.

That said, with moving this weekend and getting settled while Ryan has all next week off work, things may be a little quiet from me. There will be new daily content as always, but I may not be able to reply to comments or read all of your fabulous blogs at the time or pace I normally do. I know all of you understand, but I just wanted to provide a heads up – hopefully things will be back to a semi-normal routine in a couple weeks!

On that note, wherever you are and whatever your plans are for the weekend, I hope you have a good one! Here’s a quick glimpse at the past week.

1. ICYMI – myself and a group of lovely and talented bloggers are hosting a huge giveaway to give one of our readers the chance to win a $500 Target gift card. Amazing, right? Go check out Monday’s post for details – the giveaway is open through Dec. 10!

2. We FINALLY have a family of deer nearby. We live across the street from a wooded area, and we also live next door to a heavily-forested area, so it’s about time that we saw some deer! This guy kind of stood there and stared at me for a while through the window before running off. The joys of living in Wisconsin. #midwestlife 

3. I’m about halfway through season 3 of Once Upon a Time, and I’m just as into it as I was during season one. The writers and creators of that show are pure genius – I absolutely love the writing and story lines that they’ve come up with. I’m also now pretty much in love with Colin O’Donoghue, who plays Captain Hook – I have my fingers crossed that him and Emma end up together. Swoon.

4. Have I mentioned that we are closing on our house today and moving today/tomorrow?! Weeee! I’m also excited to see my brother tonight and parents tomorrow, both of which are coming to help us move and clean. After two moves and living in three different locations since May 2013, I’m so excited to finally be going home.

5. Speaking of home, my dad was nice enough to take a few family photos for us on Thanksgiving to use for this year’s Christmas card. Although this photo isn’t the one we ultimately chose to use, it is one of my favorites and definitely will be up on the mantel in the new house.

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