10.20.14 17

Wake-Me-Up Makeup

With the gloomy Midwest weather and mounting stress of house hunting and life in general, your girl here has been pretty tired lately – and, I mean tired.

As a result, my skin has been left feeling dull with exceptionally bad under eye circles. I’ve had minimal motivation to do a full-blown face of makeup everyday, but to avoid looking like a zombie when I leave the house, I’ve turned to a few select products to perk me up and bring some life back to my face.

A tinted moisturizer and concealer are musts for me to help even out my skin tone and cover up any active acne. I’ve really come to love this Neutrogena under eye concealer since it also acts as an eye cream, which helps cut down on time and number of products I have to use to still look human. 
Benefit’s Rockateur blush has really helped brighten up my cheeks and complexion – this blush not only adds color, but it also has a subtle highlighting effect, too. Benefit’s Gimme Brow also has been a no-brainer product lately since the last thing I’ve wanted to do is spend 10 minutes penciling in my brows. With a few swipes of this product on each brow, my face is framed and any gaps are filled in. 
Of course, I finish with one to two coats of my favorite mascara to open up my eyes, and a neutral-toned pink lip gloss helps tie it all together.
This look generally takes me 10 minutes or less, so it is perfect for those days when I don’t want to think a lot about my makeup application.
Do you have any go-to products that help wake you up when you’re feeling tired?