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Tips for Flawless Red Lips

I love to wear a good red lip, especially during the cooler months in the Midwest and throughout the holiday season. Red lips are classic, festive and bring that extra touch of polish and charm to any outfit; however, a red lipstick can be difficult to apply cleanly if you don’t properly prep your lips or have the right tools.

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I’ve learned from my mistakes over the years and have perfected a foolproof process to ensure a flawless red lip from start to finish.

1. Prep your lips. It is crucial to exfoliate your lips with a washcloth or a lip scrub – my favorite is the Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub. Red lipstick will show and pick up everything on your lips, so exfoliating will get rid of any dry patches or chapped skin. Follow up with a good lip balm.

2. Line your lips. Use a lip liner that is the same shade as your lipstick or slightly lighter. Outline your lips with the pencil, including into the corners of your mouth. This will help keep the lipstick from bleeding outside your lips. For extra staying power, fill in your lips with the liner.

3. Use a lip brush. Applying a red lipstick directly from the tube can be tricky, even for seasoned professionals. Instead, use a lip brush by swiping it over the lipstick a few times to pick up color, and then fill in your lips with short, light strokes.

4. Blot and set with powder. Blot your lips with a tissue both between the lips and on top of them. Using a translucent powder, lightly set your lips with the powder. Blot again to remove any excess product and powder.

These steps and tips should help you to achieve a picture-perfect red lip that will last all day and night.

Are you a fan of red lips? If so, what are your application tips?