Small Vanity Organization

Even though my love run deeps for my vintage 1940’s vanity table (you can read about the restoration process here), there’s no denying that the drawers are small and storage space is lacking. I’m lucky in the sense that I don’t hoard an obscene amount of makeup, but I’ve still had to get creative with how I store my products.

Skin care products, setting sprays, brushes and miscellaneous tools are stored on the vanity’s table top

The middle drawer houses bigger eye and cheek palettes and extra brushes and tools

Foundation and concealer drawer

It’s all about the eyes

All things cheeks – blush, bronzer and highlighter; eventually, Ryan is going to help me build a grid system so each individual product can have it’s own “slot”

The fifth and final drawer – my favorite! – lip products

I purchased all the white bin organizers from Target for between $2.99-$4.99 each, and the glass containers that hold my brushes are from Michael’s. 

This organization is far from perfect, but so far, it has worked great and it means that much more to me that I’ve made everything related to this vanity my own.

What tips do you have for vanity organization?

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  1. I think I'm most amazed at your vast makeup collection! I'm drooling over here! I used to have a vanity when I was growing up in my bedroom at my parents house, and I loved it. Unfortunately no vanity now 🙁 I have all my makeup either stored in my makeup bag, or less frequently used items in an old makeup bag in the linen closet. Love the idea of individual slots for everything, that will look so awesome, you'll have to do a tutorial on that!

    Posted 2.2.15 Reply
  2. Caroline wrote:

    Love your vanity and how well it is organized! I have a medicine cabinet and cabinet space underneath my sink. Sometimes I wish that I had something with drawers though!

    Posted 10.23.14 Reply
  3. That is the cutest vanity ever!! I think we use some of the same blushes and I've never seen anyone else use the same ones! 🙂 I just recognized the little compact thing 🙂 I can't believe how much makeup you have!!

    Posted 10.23.14 Reply
  4. I love seeing how people organize their makeup- love that everything has its own space!

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  5. Girl, I'm convinced that we are kindred spirits and twins in more ways than one! 🙂 Those little white trays have been a saving grace, and it doesn't hurt that they actually are cute, too.

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  6. And, here I am over here thinking my makeup collection is nothing special! Ha! I always watch those girls on YouTube that have more makeup than I could humanely imagine, and then I laugh at my little collection. 🙂 You should try storing your less-frequently used items in a big, clear plastic bin in your linen closet instead; that's what I used to do, and it made it easier to see what I was looking for. I definitely will do a tutorial whenever Ryan gets around to helping me with that project!

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  7. It's definitely a lot of fun!

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  8. Ha ha, right?! When we lived in Madison for a short few months last year, all I had was one bathroom drawer, and I had to store the rest of my makeup in a big plastic bin.

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  9. Thanks, mom! I feel spoiled that I get to have a whole room and area dedicated to my girliness.

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  10. I got mine from Michael's! You can find them at most any craft store in the floral section – they actually are meant to be a vase filler!

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  11. Lol, I'm glad you think so! I'm kind of OCD/a perfectionist when it comes to organization, so even though this isn't exactly what I wish it was, it still seems to work for me. 🙂

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  12. Mia- MakeMeUpMia wrote:

    Your organization looks so similar to mine, imagine that, we're kind of beauty twinsies 🙂 I love those little white trays, I store a lot of my stuff in them too. I would love an actual vanity one day.

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  13. Ashley Angle wrote:

    I want one of these so bad!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  14. I so WISH I had a vanity!! I have a itty bitty space on the bathroom counter. I would kill for this much space, but then again I'd probably feel the need to fill it all up! haha

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  15. Debra Stachelski wrote:

    Love what you've done with your vanity! So girlie and organized! You've inspired me to get my makeup a little more organized!

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  16. Biana Perez wrote:

    I love this!! Just out of curiosity – where did you get the little micro beads to go in the container where your brushes are! I'm looking to buy some!

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply
  17. Pamela wrote:

    Girl, you are so organized! I want a vanity so bad! And when I get one I'm definitely going to need your organizational skills lol!

    <3, Pamela

    Posted 10.22.14 Reply

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