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Seasonal Closet Cleaning Tips

photo credit: VARNISHdesign via photopin cc

We’ve finally reached that time of year when it’s time to pack away the remaining remnants of summer clothing and bring out all those sweaters and scarves that we’ve been itching to wear for months.

Living in the Midwest my entire life, I’ve gotten into a steady routine of switching out my clothes at the end of each season. Not only does it bring order and organization to my closet and drawers, it also gives me an excuse to clean out and purge any items that aren’t worth holding onto through another season.

I’ve followed the same routine for years when it comes time to complete this chore, and it has minimized the chaos and hassle that some people think cleaning out the closet brings. If you are one of those people, perhaps you will find these tips useful when tackling your closet in the coming weeks!

1. Before you begin, get your iPod and a few trash bags ready. Music always makes things more fun, and this should be no different! Put on a favorite playlist that will keep you entertained and focused for a couple hours. Label the three trash bags with Maybe, Sell and Donate.

2. Start with your dresser. Working through one drawer at a time, empty the contents onto the floor or bed where you can comfortably sort through the items and get an accurate inventory. Anything that you haven’t worn in a year or more should immediately go in either the Sell or Donate bags. If you are on the fence, put the item in the Maybe bag to revisit later.

3. Begin to unpack. Once your drawers are empty, start to unpack your new seasonal clothes that can be folded and stored in the dresser.

4. Shift through hanging items in the closet. Now, it’s time to tackle the closet. Start by doing an initial flip through the hangers – again, anything that hasn’t been worn all season or in a year or more should be tossed from your collection. I typically also toss anything that I don’t have an immediate reaction to; again, you can use the Maybe bag if there’s something that you can’t decide about just yet.

5. Take the remaining hanging clothes out of the closet for the switch. This way, you easily can move through hangers one-by-one as you pack away the current items and replace the hanger with a new piece of clothing.

6. Revisit the Maybe bag. You don’t have to do this the same day as you clean out your closet, but sometime within the same week, sort through the items in the Maybe bag. If you still don’t have an immediate reaction to the clothes, transfer them over to the Sell or Donate bags.

See, that isn’t so bad is it?

A bonus to the whole process is that you have the opportunity to donate clothes to a worthy cause to help others in need, and you even can make a buck or two by selling the items that are in better condition! I’ve always had luck at Plato’s Closet, but be sure to check out local consignment shops or do some research online for retailers that will pay you for your items.